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Lesbian Dating

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    strMailinglistMessage2Never again! Isn't that what you said?
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: AlicePieszecki on Dec 10 14, 16:34

    You've been through this before.
    You swore, this time, you'd think with your head.
    No one would ever have you again,
    and if takin' was gonna get done, you'd decide where and when

    Just when you think you got it down.
    Your heart securely tied and bound.
    They whisper promises in the dark...

    Actually I am not that pesimistic kind, I like to see the light in darkness.


    I am not into writing loads of things that won't make the image of who I am clearer. I think you only can trust what you see, hear, smell and touch, thus I don't believe in a long distance relationship or love via the net. I would like to get to know people and maybe that special person who can associate with me and love the person I am.

    If you feel attracted to what you can see and what I write, feel free to contact me.
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