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How do I reply to a message from the Mailinglist?

You can reply to a message from the Mailinglist in two ways: Public or Privat.


You can reply to every message you receive over the mailinglist, by sending a message over the list yourself - if appropriate.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Classifieds / Mailinglist
  2. Select Category and Country*
  3. Click on "Private"
  4. Compose your message
  5. Select "Submission over Mailinglist" in the additional Options
  6. Submit

* Obviously, it has to be the same category and country selection as the original message!
Please view header in the original message.


If you prefer to reply one to one, simply visit the senders profile and leave her a message either by email or in her guestbook.

Last modified: Oct 09 09

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