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Chat: How do I participate in the SHOE Video Chat?

You must register with the SHOE site and create a username that you can use every time you come back to our chat rooms.

To chat, login and go to:

Community - Chat and then choose a Channel.

Available Channels for english speaking users are:

  • General
    Looking for a fun chat with lesbians of all different interests and ages.
  • Singles
    This is a fabulous place to meet other single lesbians online. 
  • Teens
    A cool place for lesbian teenagers to hang out, meet new friends and have fun.
  • 30 and over
    Clean chat for an older and more mature lesbian crowd.

We have the same rooms for german speaking users.

How do I chat?

Once you are in the selected room, type what you want to say in the text box and hit "send." Everyone in the chat room will see everything you have typed once you send it.

Send Private Messages / Whisper

You can send private messages that are viewed only by one other chatter in the room by either clicking on a username and clicking the personal/whisper message button.

Last modified: May 30 12

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