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strMailinglistMessage226 and looking
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: babynick on Mar 02 18, 04:07

hi I'm 26 soft butch Looking for an older woman no age limit  
strMailinglistMessage0looking for miss right
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Gabon on Feb 25 18, 13:26

I am looking for someone to date in the view of a relationship. I am looking for a nice woman as most of the women that I have dated are not at all nice and I am looking to see if there is any nice women out there who want to go for a coffee or have a chat with the view of maybe more, I am nearly 40 and have yet to connect with someone nice. 
strMailinglistMessage2hello everyone :)
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Sonar on Feb 20 18, 08:17

I'm living in switzerland and i'm going to be in london between 24th - 29th april. anybody around at this time to spend some time together and interested to show london in her eyes? :) at the 28th it's my birthday. maybe any ideas to go out?

i'm looking forward to meet some people :)

strMailinglistMessage2Looking for great conversation
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: babykoala on Feb 05 18, 17:35

I'm new - new to the site, new to the lifestyle. I'm 44 and only out to 3 people, one of which is my super supportive husband. We're not sure where this new revelation is going to take our relationship, but we're determined to figure it out together. I'd love someone to chat with - to share good days and bad. Must be caring, supportive, honest and funny. :) 
strMailinglistMessage2Looking for a relationship with a feminine woman
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: MrsLadyFemme on Jan 28 18, 16:01 (edited: Jan 28 18, 16:02)

Hi there,

I am looking for a great friendship that can grow into a relationship.

I like reading books, sitting in a lovely café and observing well as most outdoor activities...for example hiking, camping, bike riding.

So I am looking for a girlfriend from all over the world who is feminine (this is really important to me) and who is interested in a real relationship based on trust and love.

By the way, I am 33 years old.;-)  
strMailinglistMessage2Seeking my Sunset
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: misshogan on Jan 14 18, 15:01

We only live once and when I die I want to feel that it has been worth living.
I am single and thought of giving this a push, not expecting anything special, i am not looking for a quick hook up.. Friendship first before anything else, we have all made mistakes but that makes us human.

Seeking someone kind, honest and easy going with no baggage from the past.. Not asking for much though, just being upfront and honest about what i want.

I am an easy going girl and calm and kind.. I don't yell or fight for what's not mine.. Message me if you are above 45. 
strMailinglistMessage2Hello from Tennessee
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Teaspoon on Jan 10 18, 06:09

hi! Older lesbian here looking for chat friends or Real life friends who prefer the company of older wiser lesbians. Happily married here looking for friends who like to camp,fish,play card games,good food, and Laughter.
Drop me a message. Thanks
strMailinglistMessage2Book project
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: bookproject on Jan 08 18, 09:13

Hi girls,
in the context of a popular scientific book project, I (female, 37, doctor in psychology) am looking for women of all ages who would be willing to tell me (in a personal interview) their story in view of their sexual orientation. When they first noticed that they fancied women, first sexual experience, coming out etc. It is not meant to be an erotic book but really rather a popular scientific one. The book already has a publisher.
If you are interested, please send me an email to: buchprojekt2018(at) with a couple of details about you (age, etc)
German language preferred but not a must
I am also happy to tell you more about the project
Cheers, Andrea 
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: TatiNunes on Dec 28 17, 05:19

Garotas de São Paulo, o que acham de organizarmos um encontro para sairmos um pouquinho do virtual e nos conhecermos?
Mandem sugestões de lugares e dias que ficam bons, que posso organizar um encontro nosso :) 
strMailinglistMessage2The days are long, the nights are cold
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: sf10 on Dec 25 17, 13:34

... and I miss you, love.

I hope you find me soon. I want to have quiet time and long conversations with you. Sipping hot tea and eating Asian food. Sharing books and watching classical music concerts together. I want to hold your hand and play with your beautiful, flowing hair, bathing in your natural scent, a little sun and a little sweat. I want to hear all about you, and to share your joys and sorrows. You love good music and classic literature. You have many interests and lots of energy to share. You are a wonderful person, and you brighten up my day.

I don't know where you are right now. Sorry for not showing up sooner. I am working most days now, my job doesn't pay much but I am saving money so I can hop on a plane and see you in 5-10 years. I'm sorry if that sounds like a long time. I really wish I could see you sooner. I'm already 29 in a few days, and I feel too old to be flirting or playing around. I haven't finished college, but I plan to study when my work schedule allows me. Yes, I am busy, but not too busy to talk with you.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your life. I hope you are working hard at what you love.

Do you miss me too? 
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