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strMailinglistMessage2 Online Chat and More
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Gracie28 on Jan 24 24, 07:54

I am new here

A long time since I had the gentle touch of a lover

Looking for conversation initially and then more, much more

I am Grace 
strMailinglistMessage2Looking for wife :)
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Carol33 on Jan 23 24, 22:42 (edited: Jan 23 24, 22:43)

I always wanted to create relatiinship that would last forever, to live that life together, create home together-just normal life.
But these days it's more & more often that people don't want commitments. Well, I want, with the right person, who I still haven't found:)

Short about me, I don't like social media, need a lot of attention, love music and nature.
I'm not interrested in bi women, sorry.

What about you? 
strMailinglistMessage2Looking for a serious relationship
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Babesia on Jan 10 24, 09:53

Is there any chance here? If you're interested please message me. I'm single and I'm looking for a serious relationship. I just don't want toxic people. I'm a hard-working person who knows how to respect. If you think you're the right one, I'm just waiting. Good luck! 
strMailinglistMessage2I'm bored
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Babesia on Jan 01 24, 22:40

Hi beautiful ladies out there! How are you? How's everything? I'm looking for someone to be my partner. A serious relationship. If you think you're my soulmate, please message me. It would be a pleasure to get to know you. Have a good vibe! 
strMailinglistMessage2Looking for u
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: dwanadee on Dec 06 23, 07:53

I’m 42 live in cali ask me anything i won’t lie I was in a four year relationship and was cheated on I’m so against cheating I’m looking for commitment and someone to enjoy life with I had bad abusive relationships and was a addict for 25 years which made it hard for me to expirience the good sober life I’ll be going on sixmonths sober I even quit smoking cigarettes I’m doing so awesome just live with my parents who are amazing and great support they are getting old and I want so bad to move on with my life it’s just me and my kat who I cherish and sleep with every night when I was in prison they told me I had cervical cancer but by the grace of god I got it removed I had a hysterectomy is why it brakes my heart because I really wanted children I have none my kat is my only baby I have a amazing heart and I’m very giving I just wounder if there is anyone out there who would love me and except me I have a living heart of gold and so much in search of my soulmate to travel enjoy life together I don’t have much to offer right now I’m sorry but I’m willing to change that like I’ve changed my life I refuse to live homeless and get abused I know I deserve better so I’m just praying and hoping if u are out there give this lonley women a chance and I promise u won’t regret it I know my princess charming is out there if this is u I hope to hear from take care and hope to hear from I soon sincerely ur princess charming to be xoxo 
strMailinglistMessage2message anytime
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Danielle111772 on Oct 10 23, 05:00

any woman looking for a friendship or relationship please message me anytime hope to talk soon  
strMailinglistMessage0Missed connection
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: jeanne on Mar 26 23, 07:16

Hi! Someone from Illinois messaged me recently, but the message disappeared. Please reach out again if you want. I would like to connect. 
strMailinglistMessage2Looking for friendship, language exchange, and hopefully a lover
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: meteora on Feb 27 23, 13:08

Hello there!

I'm 43 years old, Mexican, 1.83cm tall, bisexual, currently living in Lugano.

I love to read ("The Body keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk is life-altering and mind-blowing!), ADORE dancing (latin rhythms are my thing!), listening to music (almost any kind), singing, learning languages and of course, traveling!

I would like to meet women from all over the world to develop great friendships. Also, I'm learning Italian, so if you're a native and you'd like to learn/practice Spanish (my mother tongue), English or French, I'm your girl!

Here's hoping to meet a lovely woman in person (for friendship, or more? NO pressure, though) and take it from there!

Happy 2023! 
strMailinglistMessage249 yr old Butch Lesbian Seeking a Wmn for Love/Friendship
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: MK1973 on Nov 10 22, 03:35

I'm a butch lesbian seeking a woman from ages 39 to 54. Women only, no MTF. I'm not into dating other butch women. I am 5'4, about 125 lbs, short black/gray hair. I don't smoke. I've never been into smoking or drugs. I have an eyesight impairment. but I am not blind. I live on my own. I'd prefer someone who is disabled-friendly. I'm not wealthy but I'm financially secure. I'm not much to look at, but I'm healthy and loyal. My background is Irish/Mexican. I like feminine women, but I like someone natural, meaning I'm not into women who wear wigs or hair extensions or do plastic surgery. I am shy. It's a plus if you are more outgoing and can give me a push in my life when I need it. I am not a Trump supporter. Sometimes I go to protests/marches for "liberal" causes, including supporting lgbt rights. I'm open to meeting a woman who lives outside of Southern California, as long as she'd consider moving out here. I live near Pasadena, whichi is a suburb of Los Angeles. Please be fully vaccinated, as I am. Also please be willing to talk on the phone after we've emailed for 1 or 2 weeks. Otherwise I will assume you are male and move on. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! 
strMailinglistMessage2BUTCH WANTS FEM
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: DeButch on Oct 01 22, 03:52

I AM LOOKING FOR A 50+ FEM. I am a attentive, kind, socially responsible female. A true feminist who is finally ready to settle down. In my opinion, a sense of humor and a good disposition is a basic requirement for a person to enjoy their life. Not happy with negative women or pessimists.
I enjoy good conversation with much laughter as i am very glib. I am not into drinking but I like to chill with a little primo on occasion.
I don't believe that one can describe themselves in one swoop. It would be great to chat, then talk, then meet up for coffee just to see how it goes. I am not just about dating, I am also into friendship as well.
Drop me a line and we'll see where it goes.
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