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strMailinglistMessage0Ayudo por favor
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Shudiad on May 29 04, 00:02

Buenos dias,
perdoname pero mi espanol no es muy bueno. Yo estoy buscando my hermana que se llamaba Rosalinda Maria Margarita Alvarez. No la e visto desde 1974 cuando ella regreso a Costa Rica con papa Rafael Angel Alvarez Y Monge. Ella debe ser 47 anos de edad. Cuando ella era una joven queria ser un veterinaria...pero yo no se si eso paso. You pienso que ella, como yo, es una lesbiana pero no estoy seguro. Si la conoces por favor dale mi e-mail que es y pidela que ella me escribe. Demasiados anos an pasado sin tener el amor de una hermana.

Muchas Gracias
Janine Murray  
strMailinglistMessage0hi Shoes
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: judithCb on May 23 04, 05:51

Hi i want to meet some nice peoples...when you are nice you can mail me....sorry for my bad english,because I`m from germany...I just want to meet people from all over the world...but i just speak two languages...german and english...okay i speak a little bit french to...who like can mail me...bye bye
says judith 
strMailinglistMessage0Studying in Costa Rica
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: on Jan 22 03, 17:22


We're a lesbian couple, both Social Science students in Switzerland and thinking of doing a term abroad at a university in Costa Rica.

If you are studying or have studied in Costa Rica, could you please give us some information?

We study the following subjects within Social Science: Media & Communication, Sociology, Social work & policy and contemporary history.

If you also have information about Spanish language schools in Costa Rica with intensive courses and/or family accommodation, this would also be greatfully appreciated.

Many thanks!
Nessi & Tallak 
strMailinglistMessage0Warning, a poem...
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: blinded on Aug 20 02, 13:58

Breathe with me

I have enough of inhaling bullshit from every sight of live
inhaling bullshit every day
inhaling the sickness of this world - every and each f***ing new day
inhaling broken souls and minds
abuse in every shape it`s made of
boredom, pseudo-creativety, pseudo-intelligence,
psycho - everywhere
psycho - everyone
sickness - all over the world!
I just can`t deal with it!


my one and only deepest wish
just a big blow
exhale - and u feel it
take a deep breath and u will know how I feel
every f***in day since I was born
take a deep breath and feel my fear
and my hopeless fight against this stupid world


Am I wrong? Sometimes I feel like an alien...
Hmmm, I decided I`m not. U are wrong!
Of course! Not me! U are guilty!


Inhale my hate!
Inhale my lost and abused soul!
And realize that it`s just U - not me
like everyone on this planet


F*** U and inhale my breath
just to get an idea of what I`m feeling
loosers - just like me
inhale my fear.
I give it 2 U - it`s for free


It´s time to exhale
I`ll blow U all off!
Suck my pussy, suck my dick
U`ll get all of me, I`ll give it 2 U!
But be aware
U just can`t stand it
`cause U will die!


And I if U will leave me like that
I will be happy for the rest of my life

thx for letting me

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