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Local Talk (General Topics)

Here's where SHOEs in your area meet for a local or nationwide chat... you may also do it globally ;-)


    strMailinglistMessage0nice girl next door ISO advice and friendship
    WA, US
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: Stephpanda on Oct 25 15, 22:39

    finally making my way out of the closet, slowly but surely. looking for friendship, advice, maybe more as time goes on.
    love movies, music, swimming, coffee, local parks, trying new restaurants, Netflix.

    want to get out and meet girls but not sure how to go about it, am a little shy and reserved at first.

    in the Seattle area.

    strMailinglistMessage2Loosing a bet gets you a personal add on shoe
    WA, US
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: ADragonmask on Feb 11 12, 16:07

    OK so..... My friends thought i should post an add just to see what goes...... I'm soon to be 44, long red hair, green hazel eyes, and the body of a goddess.( i didn't say which one) I guess i would say i am a hippy, skirt wearing type,420 friendly and i talk to my cat because he makes more sense then my friends did when they decided i should do this.
    I am heavily attracted to butches... I could entertain the idea of dating a femme but lets be honest.... there is only room for one baby girl in a relationship. I am not butch enough to pull off the other.I am very strong willed and independent as well as spirited in many ways. I'm a flirt and you must take me as i am and trust that in a relationship regardless of my flirty side i only have eyes for one.
    I am going threw more life changes now then any one has the right to do at once but change is good and so is exploration of self. So that's what I'm doing I have come to realize that i can no longer wait around for my life to start. I have also reached the end of the drama train wagon and refuse to have that in my world. My greatest strength and weakness is that i am kind hearted. but i have a wonderful B.S. detector and have learned how to use it.If I'm confused i will clarify until i get answers.
    I am looking for friends who are willing to take "snail's pace" as an answer and not read into my flirty side for something more. It is more of an honor to wait and find out what unfolds in time rather then jump because your feeling froggy. I am looking for some one who is willing to get to know me as well as me getting to know them. It never works if both of those components aren't there.
    If your interested, you can find me on shoe. Just look for Dragonmask.... i am the only one. 
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