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Looking for new Lesbian Friends? Meet other like-minded lesbians for friendship, sports and the outdoors.


    NY, US
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: ReeverWild on Feb 08 17, 05:28

    I should be working on my PhD related stuff but instead I am procrastinating, and longing for new friends all of a sudden. So it's been a while since my last activity on this site. And I don't really know what it is that I am looking for today.

    I am in NY, 36, have friends, but still there is this desire to connect with someone. Someone I don't know yet. There is this simple wonder in getting to know someone. It's romantic, it's exciting, it's fulfilling in ways that I think I need right now. So if you are interested, I am game! 
    strMailinglistMessage2Looking for a friend
    NY, US
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Tay1993 on Nov 30 15, 23:10

    I just joined this site not to long ago. I'm just looking to make some friends and possibly get some advice on things. So, feel free to message me. :) 
    NY, US
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: zelina on Mar 03 15, 07:11

    hi, i m zelina , 55, very new to lesbian dating and friendship.
    i know i m a lot older than most women coming out but
    i just broke out of an abusive marriage and want to be the
    real me.
    i m willing to be friends with any woman regardless of
    strMailinglistMessage2Friendship possible more?
    NY, US
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Mama4boots on Mar 23 14, 14:42

    I'm single mother just want to make more friends.. And maybe relationship if that right person come along..

    I do travel and everything.. Will be in NJ, MD, NY for most of time. Love basketball, camping, swimming, cooking, and much more!

    I don't bite! 
    strMailinglistMessage0Moved to NYC and lookin to make new friends...
    NY, US
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: TaylorMade70 on Jan 20 13, 02:28

    Hello, im a 42 yr old lesbian boi, and I just moved to Brooklyn, NY about 6 mo. Ago and looking to make new friends to hang out with and get to know. Still tryin to get my feet wet so to speak here..
    Not looking for romantic relationships, have that...but just someone to hang with and just chill over coffee and good conversation.
    And of course it's always good to be honest and upfront.
    So lets chat and get to know the other..

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