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How do activate my Cookies?
Activate Cookies: Internet Explorer 1. Click the Tools menu.2. Select Internet Options.3. Click the Privacy tab.4. Click the Default button (or manual
Aug 07 09
I have changed my Email address, but I am not receiving my Activation Mail.
Depending on the server configuration of your Provider (Greylisting) it may take anything from a few seconds up to 4 hours, until the Email reaches yo
Jan 20 09
How can I enable PopUp Windows?
If you would like to reply to a message in the forum in a new browser window (right-click on a reply button), you might get a pop-up error. To enable
Apr 01 11
Can I delete my Profile / Membership at any given time?
Yes. You can delete your Profil at any time by going to your Personal Settings in MySHOE. Familiar Link: How can I delete / cancel my Membership?
Jul 17 09
What's the difference between a personal profile and a SHOE Friends profile?
A personal profile grants you access all areas! For instance, Chat, Forum and so on. A SHOE Friends Profile lets you have access only to restricted ar
Jul 17 09

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Mobile Version: How can I upload photos with my mobile device?
Important: At the moment, you cannot upload photos to your photoalbum with your mobile device. We are currently working on that. (July 2013) However
Jul 10 13
Mobile Devices: SHOE Chat
Our SHOE Chat is Mobile! Mobile SHOE Chat Version A lighter Chat version without flash in now available on our Mobile Site. This version can be used
Jul 10 13
Mobile Devices: General Information
SHOE Mobile is here!!! SHOE is mobile. This means, that you are now able to surf on SHOE with your mobile phone. You can search, find, browse, blog a
Jul 10 13
Chat: How can I chat with my Mobile Phone, Ipad and other mobile devices?
Find all information here: SHOE Mobile Version
Jul 10 13
My messages have disappeared
Notification-Mail received - but there is no message If you have received an automatic notification mail from SHOE, that somebody has sent you a messa
Jul 10 13
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