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How do activate my Cookies?
Activate Cookies: Internet Explorer 1. Click the Tools menu.2. Select Internet Options.3. Click the Privacy tab.4. Click the Default button (or manual
Aug 07 09
I have changed my Email address, but I am not receiving my Activation Mail.
Depending on the server configuration of your Provider (Greylisting) it may take anything from a few seconds up to 4 hours, until the Email reaches yo
Jan 20 09
Can I delete my Profile / Membership at any given time?
Yes. You can delete your Profil at any time by going to your Personal Settings in MySHOE. Familiar Link: How can I delete / cancel my Membership?
Jul 17 09
How can I enable PopUp Windows?
If you would like to reply to a message in the forum in a new browser window (right-click on a reply button), you might get a pop-up error. To enable
Apr 01 11
How do I insert Photos to my Blogs, Guestbooks, Forum, Direct Messages?
You may include unlimited amount of photos in your Blog, Guestbook and your SHOE Emails. SHOELaces (Membership Upgrade) are required for that. Except
Aug 21 09

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Mobile Version: How can I upload photos with my mobile device?
Important: At the moment, you cannot upload photos to your photoalbum with your mobile device. We are currently working on that. (July 2013) However
Jul 10 13
Mobile Devices: SHOE Chat
Our SHOE Chat is Mobile! Mobile SHOE Chat Version A lighter Chat version without flash in now available on our Mobile Site. This version can be used
Jul 10 13
Mobile Devices: General Information
SHOE Mobile is here!!! SHOE is mobile. This means, that you are now able to surf on SHOE with your mobile phone. You can search, find, browse, blog a
Jul 10 13
Chat: How can I chat with my Mobile Phone, Ipad and other mobile devices?
Find all information here: SHOE Mobile Version
Jul 10 13
My messages have disappeared
Notification-Mail received - but there is no message If you have received an automatic notification mail from SHOE, that somebody has sent you a messa
Jul 10 13
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