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Lesbian Party Guide / Locations

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strMailinglistMessage0LGBT Charity/Organisation
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: thekid127 on Sep 05 15, 05:29

Greetings fellow LGBT'ers!
I just wanted to let everybody know about a new
LGBT friendly charity organisation called:
We are looking for volunteers as well as financial
contributors to help fund global Peace building projects
around the world!
If you find it in your means to help us in our mission,
you will receive a beautiful "peace shirt" as pictured
On our project page:
Thank you for listening and hope to hear from you soon. 
strMailinglistMessage2summer holiday
Category: Lesbian Locations | Language: E
From: Susu on Dec 31 14, 09:58

I am planing a trip to southern Sweden next summer and would be happy for any hints, where to go to (nature as well as lesbian locations).
Thank you, Susu 
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: womenswarehousemusic on Oct 17 14, 15:38

I have taken the time to send each friend an individual message to clue everyone in on my newest/latest project. If you have not seen all of the hype already or do not accept event invites, maybe you are unaware that my partner and I have started a non profit organization for women in music, and we are spending every nickle and dime to further our org by obtaining our 501(c)3. (I will make this brief as many of us are busy busy bees, cheers to you for being a hard worker!) If YOU could do me the biggest and most honorable favor by simply sharing my link on your page or checking out our movement, YOU too will be the foundation and building blocks of this entire operation. I want to personally thank you for your support!!!! Without faith in ourselves, our friends, and our families, everything else is a stand alone project. Thank you for your time


strMailinglistMessage2LGBT counseling private practice-Columbus, Ohio
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: mgluciano77 on Aug 07 14, 00:49

Hello LGBT Family,
I'd like to ask a favor of all of you. I am planning on starting a counseling practice in the Columbus area w/ focus on LGBT clients, particularly youth. I'm throwing around some ideas for the name of my business and I'd like your opinion on each:
Total Acceptance Counseling Services
As-You-Are counseling
Acceptance Counseling
La Paz Counseling Services (also planning on targeting Hispanics b/c I speak Spanish)
Free-To-Be Counseling

What do you think about when you see each name?

I would really, really appreciate your feedback!!!! :) THANK YOU! 
strMailinglistMessage0Lesbian Connection - the FREE worldwide magazine for lesbians!
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: LesbianConnection on Feb 03 14, 18:51


I'm trying to get the word out to lesbians everywhere about our free lesbian magazine! Lesbian Connection is a free worldwide magazine, by, for and about lesbians. We've been publishing since 1974, and we mail each issue in a discreet brown envelope (the word "lesbian" does not appear anywhere on the outside).

Our magazine is a grassroots forum, which means that it's written by our readers. You'll find travel resources, lesbian B&Bs and guesthouses, lesbian festivals, cruises, conferences, land communities, reviews of lesbian books, movies, and music, and more! You'll also find articles and letters on whatever LC readers are talking about - from relationships and coming out to pets, gardens, news and current events.

So, if you're a lesbian and you'd like to start receiving LC, visit to sign up! We hope to hear from you soon, and please tell all of your lesbian friends about our free magazine!

For LC,
strMailinglistMessage1LGBTQ MILTON KEYNES
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: MsManicure on Apr 13 12, 18:03

To help to educate, support and influence the "inclusion without judgement", of the LGBTQ community.

To stand alongside existing and established organisations, within the broader community.

To help raise awareness and support and to become a recognised element within and around Milton Keynes.

Open to anyone in MK or surrounding area.!/groups/lgbtqmk/

We are also in the process of arranging our first pride event: 
strMailinglistMessage0Summer 2012 for Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity INc
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: desir on Mar 27 12, 01:03

We are a non-collegiate, social service fraternity for lesbian women everywhere that consider themselves to be dominate, aggressive or stud. We strive to expound excellence in ourselves, others, as well as our community. It is our goal to give dominate lesbian woMEN everywhere a greater ability to express themselves, work for their communities, as well as, enjoy the Greek Fraternity experience free of prejudice or injustice...thus making our organization a PHORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!

Please check out the website 
strMailinglistMessage2Summer 2012
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: desir on Mar 27 12, 00:56 (edited: Mar 27 12, 01:04)

Phi Omega Delta Sorority, Inc has announced that the Majestic Maryland Colony WILL be holding a SUMMER 2012 line!!! Check out our National Website,, to submit your Interest Application today!

(Submitting an interest application DOES NOT obligate you to apply for membership, it simply gives us your contact information so that we can keep you abreast of upcoming intake events and community service opportunities.)

Lesbian Sorority


strMailinglistMessage2Organisation for gay youth in Montreal
Category: LGBT Organisations | Language: E
From: EliseL on Jan 16 12, 03:08

Hi, I'm giving you links for three organisations to help gay youth in Montreal.

Project 10: (which is a drop-in where you can meet and make friends)

Jeunesse Lambda: (French organisation. It's a place where there are discussions groups every Friday night, for gay lesbian bisexual or questionning themselves, open for people from 14 to 25 yrs old)

MYCAH (Montreal Youth Coalition Against Homophobia) 
strMailinglistMessage0Freedom Bar
Category: Lesbian Locations | Language: E
From: neka on May 15 11, 00:00

Freedom Bar
60 Wardour Street

Phone: (171)734 0071

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