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SHOE Love Stories

Have you found your best friend or even the love of your life on SHOE?

Since the launch back in 1997 SHOE has brought together many, many, many, maaaany of women all around the world. Not just in the virtual world but even more importantly also in reality. Have you met your best friend on SHOE? Or even the love of your life? Perhaps you even got married? Moved country to be with her?


Share your personal SHOE StorySHOE LoveStory

Have you met your best friend(s) on SHOE? Or even the love of your life?
Whatever your personal SHOE story is – we would love to hear from you!

missapt and midnitepoet (UK/USA)

I am missapt. I live in The West of Scotland UK. The town I live in could [at best], be described as a small, "quaint", l seaside town  [the shops close at 8pm!, so not so quaint!!!!

 I found Shoe by total accident.  My intention was to perhaps make aquaintances with women near to my home town. I had no expectations of anything else. In fact, If I acheived my goal of finding friendships, I would have considered myself successful. I chatted in the main room for many weeks. I enjoyed the interaction
albeit " virtual".

One woman in particular stood out at me. I cannot easily identify, " label"  or classify the reason she did this. However I always enjoyed chat more when she logged in. " How it started"?, I typed " you seem very polite". As a polite person she replied thank you! We began chatting in pvt; as well as in the main room. Time seemed to go so quickly.  We could chat about many topics. We share a similar work background.

Over the weeks that then passed, I asked her if ever she was visiting Scotland to let me know. Again [ truly] I had no expectations she would make the journey here. At this point we had honestly spoken on chat solidly for 23 hours and once by phone for 19 hours. I immediately fell in love with her voice. We also e-mailed each other constantly. The day and time arrived, I nervously waited for her taxi to draw up. She got out of the taxi; we " politely" said hi.  We went inside, hugged warmly. Both far too excited to speak coherently. Leaving Scotland on 8th Sept 2011 was for both, quite awful. Neither of us knowing when the next trip could be arranged, so as to meet up again.

We hope to be together again as soon as is permissable. Tentative plans are being discussed re her to re-locate here. But that is for the future. Now is all we have for definate. Shoe has definately brought another two women together, and for that, Shoe
has my thanks and admiration.

Missapt and midnitepoet will [ hopefully] be and stay together for eons!.
Thankyou Shoe team.

midnitepoet and missapt (USA/UK)

Truly love is in the eye of the beholder and someone here has captured my eye as well as my heart. Her nic name is missapt. At first we would occasionally say hi as is customary and I would leave it at that not realizing that events would soon change and destinies collide and flourish into our shoe love story. How did these chain of events materialize? Well, one day out of the blue missapt while chatting in the main room shared that " I was very polite" to which I responded with a cursory thank you. It was with this simple statementthat our worlds changed forever. As weeks progressedso did our chats and I found myself hopingthat she would be logged on so that I could speak to her. One night in particular we chatted for 23 hours solidly neither of us wanting to say goodnight. Afterwards, she privated me asking if she could give me her phone number and private e-mail I graciously accepted both.I'm certain that at best she may have surmised that I would occasionally e-mail her as I reside in the USA and she in Scotland UK. With my heart in my throat I one day decided to phone her and to my surprise we chatted for 19 hours non stop. I was on cloud nine though she was still oblivious to this fact lol.I fell in love with her voice. Her distinct british accent along with the sensual  timber of her voice commanded instant acknowledgement that she is an articulate and very intelligent woman... yep, I melted like butter.  As time progressed and our phone chats became a daily ritual she shared that if I were ever in her neck of the woods I should give her a ring. Well, I got to tell you not certain where her neck of the woods were exactly I was determined to find out. One day I rang her up and asked if she were serious about my visiting her and she said yes. I immediately told her my flight details and when to expect me. Yes, I'm certain I shocked the living heck out of her  but I wanted to meet this woman that made my heart skip a beat. So, on July 12th,2011 I boarded a plane headed for Scotland. When I arrived at her flat she was outside waiting for me. My stay was originally for two weeks but, unforeseen chain of events caused me to stay longer in which time we became closertogether and the rest as they say is shoe history. We hope that I am able to relocate there as we are two hearts that beat as one and we we plan on dreaming of a future where we can merge our lives together.

My sincerest thank you to this site that helped us find each other.

SjMcEwan and XXLemonTree (UK/USA)


Well i meet the love of my life on shoe. I had only been on a month or so and i wasn't really sure how it worked so i looked through some of the nickpages only to come across this gorgeous women called lemontree. I sent her a message and a week had gone past and i didnt hear anything. then i got message and we started talking until one night she sent me a message that said i cant sleep and i just feel in love with her right then. Only she live's in Florida U.S.A and me i live 4,000 miles away in Scoland so we talked a month had gone passed and i just know i had to meet her. I flow out on the of 9th October 2010 to Orlando where she was waiting for me second best day of my life..... the first was the 20th may 2011 when we got married.
Sj Mcewan xxx

tuppergirl and monkymat (USA)

I wanted to let you know that my partner and I met online on your site over 5 years ago. We lived a 5 hour plane ride away from each other. We have been living together now for over one year and we dated long distance for the year previous. Thank you for having such a valuable site, and I know we personally wanted to thank you for having a SAFE and accessible site for women to go. Thank YOU for keeping it a safe place and for actually caring how people are behaving. It is a BIG task, and I tell women everywhere I go, to check it out as a fun place to be!! Thanks again, tuppergirl and monkymat!! We haven't been online for so long, because we found what we are looking for!! IT is great to know you will always be there if we decide to "chat" our busy lives!!Thanks!!

pgup &  endnec (Switzerland/China)

it's a cool website. i found my love here and i wish that everyone could find the beloved too.. endnec from China and pgup from Switzerland

Monica and Deanna (USA)

Monica: I found Shoe by accident. After I found it, I thought it was a cute site. I really wasn't thinking about doing the whole Nickpage thing, but I did. Then I saw the forums for personals. What the hell, it's not like I've met anyone special anywhere else so what did I have to lose, right? So, I put in a personal. A few days later, I get an entry in my guestbook. Nothing romantic or anything like that, just a nice entry from a nice woman telling me she liked my ad and even though we don't live near each other, conversation would be welcome. I'm a conversationalist. Go figure. I write her, thank her for the invite. She's really nice. We IM a few days later...she's really, really nice. She signs my guestbook again telling me she's been thinking about me...funny, I've been thinking about her too. We e-mail a few more times. What a cutie! Full of life, exuberant, passionate, funny, intelligent. She's a really nice person, too. We write some more and she tells me she's not looking for anything romantic. I say ok. I respect that but there's an underlying tingling there I can't shake. I've been meeting other women from other dating sites and none of them spark anything tingly at all. I read all of her posts on all the different forums. How wonderful to meet someone with personal opinions who isn't afraid to voice them. Wow, that's what I asked for in my ad! We exchange pictures. She is beautiful. Her eyes take my breath away.

In the months since we've started living together, we've been through some awesome times together. We've learned more about each other, we've learned each other's idiosyncracies, we've argued, we've apologized, we've made love, we've slept intertwined in each other's arms, and we've held each other when the other has been feeling down. When I log onto Shoe, I am reminded just how lucky I am to have found this beautiful woman and how much luckier I am to have had the good fortune to have made her a part of my life. This is the life I've always dreamt of, complete with respect, honesty, differences, similarities, love, angst, money, and yes, even shopping. It's ALL good...and I mean that. How much luckier can one person get? I thank God for looking down on me and sending me this angel. I thank Shoe for being the medium through which we connected. And in this season of love and good cheer, I thank you, Dee, for being the woman of my dreams and for being there for me no matter what. May this upcoming new year present us with more joys and mysteries to unwrap and enjoy.

Deanna: As I sit here in this cold, starkly-lit computer lab and read your story, I think that life cannot possibly get any better. From that very first interaction with you, I knew that you were one of a kind. Yet, despite my insistence that nothing would develop beyond internet chatter,my emotions began taking me to a world I can only imagine. Monica, thank you for believing, for perservering and for shining through regardless of the challenges that we have and continue to have as this relationship blossoms. You have given me the one gift that I have been unable to find; pure, unconditional, love. I love you with all of my being and will for as long as I live. Thank you for posting your story, for believing in us and most importantly, for being you. I love you baby !

Thank you SHOE, for making my dream come true, you're the BEST !!

Elme (USA)


I just wanted to drop a note, and let you know that Val082 and I are still together, and happily in love.  We met in the Shoe English chat on 12/5/2001.  Whoo hoo!  All these years later, and I am still so grateful to Shoe.

Anonymous (Australia/UK)

we did meet in chat,and, neither of us were "looking"-or had personals up or anything, just in the wee hours of 2 lesbians a continent apart, hanging out in chat and, striking up a "virtual" thing. Ours is a true soulmate sort of union,and unconventional in the age diff,but hey! LUCKY ME :-D

AedynJames (USA)

Well, it was about 5 months before my daughter was born and I just felt like I needed "community" to help me stay strong and connected to who I was... but we weren't really "out and about" in the community much, expecting baby and all. So I found SHOE online - which was really, really slow on dial-up. LOL.

My current wife was on here, too, and although i posted around here and there (the site was very different then), we private chatted a lot and she became a good friend who listened to all my worries and concerns about being a good partner to my pregnant wife and wanting to be a good momma to our baby that was coming. We did flirt a little, sure, but it was benign. After my daughter was born, there was no more flirting - my life was all about this tiny creature in my life and my daughter's mother. But that soured quickly with a terrible round of post partum depression (I am the non-bio mom) and she left me and took our daughter with her when she was only 3 mos old.

My current wife lived locally and asked me out. We had our first date scandalously the day my ex moved out with our child. I know - but I was so devastated. Anyways, over the next year or two , my wife helped me pick up the pieces of my life and we were registered partners with the State of CA in 2005 and legally married in CA in 2008. :) And that's the story!! She's my number one fan and I'm hers and I can't believe we met here so long ago.

Now we have been together for 8 years in July, married for 2 in June, and are planning for more babies!! ♥

So... are ya disappointed now or was that a good enough love story? hehe *kisses* SHOE is awesome. 

Kellie (USA)


Got my start with shoe.  Shoe helped me discover myself.
Finally got married on 9th January 2010..
Thankyou all

yankee and sugarbear (Canada)

Yankee and sugar met in shoe in july of 2003...we met we hit it off right away and found that we could not live without each other...we had trouble getting into shoe one night so we decided to go on a cyber date to play cribbage...I gave sugar my phone number after our date and she called me first thing in the morning...she heard my voice and said she had to meet me...she drove for 6 hours....310 miles and across the border to find herself in my driveway...I could not believe she did that....but she did and we have been together since...we are getting married in Merritt bc on the 8th of November,2003 and many shoes will be there to witness our joining...Horsewoman will be preforming our ceremony...we are so happy..thanks to shoe for helping us to find each other...and also thanks for all the support we have had from our fellow shoes....we love you all....
yankee and sugarbear 

Elizabeth and Valerie (USA)

We met on shoe 12/5/2001. We have lived together for over 6 years. I was La_me, and she was Val019. We have lived in 3 different states (1 of them Hawaii), in 7 different houses/apartments, owned 2 scooters and 4 cars together, slept on 13 different mattresses (and twice in the car and several times on airplanes) together, been to 11 different states together, slept in the same bed over 2,250 nights, laughed together over 5,000 times, hugged eacher over 7,000 times, mathmatically proven that the chances of us meeting are less than 1% in a lifetime, been in rich times and poor times, bad times and good times, and our love keeps growing.

I love shoe, it is so hard to say what my life would have been without it. I can't imagine my life without Valerie now. And, Valerie and I have taken the whole world population and narrowed it down by degrees by all of the things that make us perfect for eachother, and really, mathmatically, there is only one of us, so it is totally impossible that we met.

We definitely wouldn't have met without shoe. No way.


Elizabeth and Valerie 

Anonymous (Australia)

Well, I just thought I would like to share my story with you. I was 45 years old and had just come out of the THE most horrendous 18 month relationship with a total head case. A very beautiful woman but terribly damaged. As usual, I thought I could save her but after I had finally slid into the absolute depths of depression and my life was apparently in ruins, I finally realised that I could not save her and seemingly nor myself either. She had alienated me from my friends (my wonderful wonderful support network, who never deserted me but merely stepped back a little until I could see what was happening for my self). She had made me homeless and in such a cruel and calculated way that I lost everything and was reduced to living in lodgings and now have only what I have in my room. She had caused many many problems in my working life. She left me yet again for another woman around March 2007 but worked and schemed until finally persuading me to go back to her in September. Just when I thought we would finally spend a Christmas together, she again dumped me for her ex just days before. Needless to say I was devastated and really didn't think life could get much worse. I had yet another lonely and wretched Christmas and New Year and was in such a dark place that not even my friends could reach me. I had had to deal with suicide attempts, being screamed at down the phone day after day, being manipulated, humiliated, blamed for everything and …. well the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this woman, I pity her because unlike me, I worry that she will never be free from her dark place. And also, without that rotten relationship I might never have found this wonderful one, so in a way I have much to thank her for, which I am sure she would be very disappointed about lol!

Anyway, around January, February time of this year I thought I would re visit my old friend Shoe. I had been a member a few years back and found it such a happy and enlightening site. It always felt like a place where I could just go in the chat room and be myself and just have a laugh and a joke with you lovely ladies from around the world. Nothing had changed and Shoe was still the wonderful place it has always been and still full of the same wonderful people. Unlike so many chat room sites, I have never found Shoe to be cheap or seedy. The people in Shoe have always seemed very real, decent human beings.So you see ladies, just when you think your life really sucks, don’t give up because you never know when an angel is gonna intervene and help you turn your life around.

So you see ladies, just when you think your life really sucks, don’t give up because you never know when an angel is gonna intervene and help you turn your life around.

With grateful thanks to Shoe and all it’s members. You made it all happen. Thank you. X x x

Lourdes & ladyblacktkd (USA) 

i came on your site i think 2003, in 2004 met the love of my life and we were married in nj in a civil union they call it and we call it marriage May 18 2007. When I recommend your site to others, I tell them how classy and how respectable and professional your site always has been.  I loved that about you when I first found your site.  I found you when my family did not know about my preference and the few friends i had did.  However, everytime I found a lesbian socializing site it was raunchy and people did not want to meet you or get to know you and all they wanted was to sleep with you and I was not in the mood for the drama. Thank You SHOE :-)

Anonymous  (USA) 

i found you nine years ago when i came out and met my current partner on shoe, moved to new hampshire to be with her and we then moved to ohio, we are currently friends and i thought i would give shoe another try since it worked so nice the first time and i have made a life long friend.

Vrybratty  (USA) 

thanks to you I've met the woman of my dreams...also thanks to you ;) ;) she lives in another part of the world!!! LOL 

I just wanted to stop by again and remind you how "FAB"  you both are!  Really you two are the BOMB!!! Thanks so much for all you do!

joanmilton (Germany)

I have been a SHOE member since February 2000 and I am still an active user.
Back then I was an innocent 20-year-old, and had just started university away from home. I wanted to find myself, reinvent myself somehow and satisfy my 'lesbian' curiosity. Too shy and self-conscious I didn't just join our local lesbian organization or go to one of their parties. Shoe totally fitted into that gap between shyness and curiosity and it was here I began my journey into the woman loving world for women. SHOE was special due to the many contacts it provided... Informal, relaxed, friendly, open and most notably: No fakes!

In the meantime I have had my outings and now I live an openly gay life, found many lesbian friends, a loving girlfriend, and am on the board of our lesbian organisation. But I can honestly say that the exchange I engaged in on Shoe has helped a lot setting my first wobbly steps into lezzy town. I found friends on the chat and through the forum and I made friends in my town and from abroad, all of which I deeply appreciate. And even through the years SHOE has stayed an exciting community for me, because it has developed so much during the years like the web itself: e.g. from yellow on black chatrooms in 2000 to voice/cam chat in 2012.

To put it in a nutshell: I like it here and am very thankful to its two founding mothers and all the unaccounted numbers of hours they put into this project which started off as a simply mailinglist and I am looking forward to our future on SHOE.

Vamp79 und Puma80 (Schweiz)

puma und vamp SHOE Love Story

Wir haben uns gefunden!
Angefangen hat alles mit einer Singelbörse im Internet. Anfangs haben wir uns fleissig geschrieben (natürlich nicht mit Blatt und Papier ;-)). Irgendwann habe ich vernommen das Vamp79 an ein Shoe Adventure Weekend geht. Beim ersten Mal erzÄhlen hatte ich das noch nicht so registriert, erst dann beim zweiten mal. Dann wollte ich auch gerne mitgehen, aber leider war alles schon ausgebucht. Für Vamp79 war das nun eine grosse Herausforderung, sich so ins Zeug zu legen das ich auch mit kommen kann. Und siehe da, es hat geklappt :-)

Dann da in Österreich haben wir weitere Stunden mit reden und schreiben verbracht. Vamp79 wollte mich die ganze Zeit verkuppeln. Da dachte ich schon, sie hat kein Interesse. Am Abend beim gemeinsamen Essen, versuchte Vamp79 einige dezente AnnÄherungsversuche, die ich nicht merkte. Als wir wieder im Hotel waren, uns wieder einen Absacker gönnten war dann Zeit wieder schlafen zu gehen. Ich habe dann meine Massage eingelöst die ich Ihr versprochen habe. Nun sind wir bald ein halbes Jahr zusammen :-)

Steffi & Pelin (Germany)

steffi und pelin SHOE Love Story

Hallo liebes SHOE-Team,
wir lernten uns vor über 10 Jahren auf einem SHOE-Treffen in Frankfurt kennen (23.11.2002, siehe Fotos unter SHOE-Treffs).
Da begann alles. Mitte Dezember 2002 besuchte sie (rechts im Bild) mich in Mainz und da war es um uns geschehen. Auch wenn der Altersunterschied (11 Jahre) unsere erste Hrde war, zog ich Mitte 2003 zu ihr nach Regensburg. Seit dem sind wir sehr glücklich und haben einen gemeinsamen Sohn (fast 3 Jahre alt). Im August 2013 bekommen wir unser zweites Kind.

Damals hatte ich viele Menschen um mich die mir davon abgeraten haben der Liebe wegen umzuziehen, aber ich habe es nie bereut. Mein Glück, meine grosse Liebe und meine Familie sind/ist SIE. Auf die nächsten 10 Jahre und das noch mehr SHOE-Members hier zusammen finden!
Ganz liebe Grüsse
Steffi und Pelin

curly85 & nori (Switzerland)

curly85 nori shoe love story

"2005 machte ich auf SHOE meine ersten Gehversuche in der lesbischen Welt. Ich durchforstete damals nächtelang alte Forenbeiträge, lernte durch Kontaktanzeigen die ersten Gleichgesinnten kennen und verliebte mich schliesslich in ein anderes SHOE-Mitglied. Mit ihr bin ich seit fünf Jahren glücklich liiert.

Ganz ehrlich: Ohne SHOE wäre ich heute nicht die Person, die ich bin.

Wawu & Amup (Switzerland)


Hello Shoe-Ladys....

dank dieser Seite und dem Link auf Facebook habe ich meine Traumfrau, mein grösster Schatz kennengelernt.... unsere erste Begegnung werde ich nie vergessen.... es war einfach für uns beide Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Seit bald drei Jahren dürfen wir unser Leben zusammen teilen... uns gemeinsam über viele Dinge freuen, einander beschenken und trösten, einfach für einander da sein und gemeinsam Pläne schmieden und träumen.

Ich bin unendlich dankbar, dass ich meine jetzige Frau an meiner Seite haben darf!... Es ist für mich das schönste Geschenk in meinem Leben und unbezahlbar! Ich lieb Sie über alles!!!

Grossi Umarig a Euch und es riese Dankeeeeeeeeeeeeeschön :-)

Fide (Italy) 


Sie hatte einen (für mich) interessanten Nicknamen - und ich schrieb ihr, ob sie denn wirklich so leise sei, wie ihr Name angab. Heute (wir haben bereits unser Fünfjähriges gefeiert) weiß ich, dass sie komplett gelogen hatte ;-) sie quasselt nämlich für zwei - aber ich möchte ihre Geschichten nie mehr missen :-) Wir kommen beide aus Südtirol (ich aus dem Westen und sie aus dem "Arsch der Welt" - sie ist zu mir gezogen und wir leben und lieben meist harmonisch :-) Ich bin euch ewig
dankbar dafür, dass ich unter all den Frauen, die perfekte für mich gefunden habe - DANKE!!! Hab euch ja bereits gesagt, dass ich euch (Fab und Sunci) zu unserer Hochzeit einladen werde und ich verspreche hiermit öffentlich, dass ihr auf der Gästeliste seid! :-)

LadyTiger (Switzerland) 


Ja ich habe meine Freundin auch auf Shoe gefunden=) Mitte Dezember 2010 haben wir uns hier kennengelernt, am 1.1.11 zum ersten Mal auf einer Party getroffen und am 25.02.11 zusammen gekommen :D


pgup &  endnec  (Switzerland/China) 

Hallo Neka und Gorky

wir wollen euch von ganzem Herzen danken, dass Ihr es uns ermöglicht habt, zusammen zu finden. Wir hatten schon mal mitgeteilt, dass wir uns gefunden haben dank shoe. Und jetzt hat unser gemeinsames Leben seit September richtig Gestalt angenommen: wir leben in einer gemeinsamen Wohnung und haben es einfach mega super zusammen, DANKE !! pgup aus Zürich

it's a cool website. i found my love here and i wish that everyone could find the beloved too and i wish you best wishes for christmas. endnec from China

L.  (Germany) 

hey ihr lieben... ich habe in meiner outingphase viel gemailt und kontakte geknüpft, mich während einer schwierigen beziehung sehr häufig hier ausgeheult und habe trost bekommen, hatte danach sehr lustige dates über shoes und dann habe ich meine liebste gefunden. hier bei euch! nächstes jahr wollen wir heiraten und ich bin unendlich glücklich darüber. euch noch einen schönen tag und ein megadickes dankeschön das es shoes gibt!!!!

claudia-divine (Österreich)

Ich bin seit Anfang 2012 auf SHOEs und ich würde diesen Tag nie missen, ich habe Freundschaften geknüpft, Leute unterschiedlicher Kulturen kennengelernt aber das wichtigste - Ich habe meine grosse Liebe gefunden, mit der ich alt werden will, Kinder bekommen will und die ich über alles liebe! Anfangs nutze ich dieses Portal nur um mich auszutauschen, nicht auf der suche nach der grossen Liebe. SHOEs ist ein grosses internationales Portal wo du dich schnell mit Leuten austauschen kannst! Weiter so!

Liebe Grüsse aus dem schönen Österreich!

K.  (Germany) 

Soooo.... weiss ja nicht, ob man das hierüber machen kann, aber ich wollte euch sozusagen für eure Seite danken.
Ohne sie wäre ich nicht mit meiner jetztigen Freundin zusammen und wäre nicht soooo glücklich :)
Also: Vieeelen vielen Dank ;-)

Anonym  (Switzerland) 

Ich habe meine Traumfrau über Shoe kennengelernt. Wir waren beide im Chat zum quatschen und nicht auf
der suche nach einer Beziehung!!! Haben viel miteinander geschrieben uns getroffen und zusammen gekommen (";)....

Diesen Herbst feiern wir unser 10jähriges Jubiläum... wir sind glücklich...

dreaming-eagle  (Germany) 

Hallo ihr Seitenbetreiber :-)

Ich wollte mal ein groes Lob los werden :-) Ich bin seit Jahren auf dieser Seite (dreaming-eagle) und habe hier meine Traumfrau gefunden. Wir sind jetzt 6 Jahre ein Paar und werden uns im Februar das JA Wort geben :-) Danke an Euch und das es die Seite gibt :-)

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