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Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Ashbabes5 on Jul 07 15, 03:53

im curious what it would be like to have a real serious relationship with a woman between 30-50 yrs old i may be young but i know how i feel about being in a serious relationship with someone older it makes me feel happy if anyone is interested in trying to be in a relationshipwith me message me 
strMailinglistMessage1Queen Seeks Her Princess
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: MelbGoth on Jul 07 15, 00:08

Hello Ladies, I am looking for my new princess
I usually surround myself with 100, 200, or as much as
1000 princesses or dames at a time, but for some reason
this Aussie Queen's Bed has dried up and now I have
an empty nest.
I am seeking that lucky lady who will be fortunate enough
to be crowned my princess.

Your requirements for this once only very prestigous
position is as follows.
reading, movies, music, picnics, cooking, loving,
caring, loyal, non gossiper, able to laugh at silly humor
and able to watch horror movies and squirm like a
worm at blood and gore or the universe..

I, your queen, await your eager responses and applications
in person by either talking to myself or sending a
email or message. The lucky respondent will recieve her crown
and jewels and licking upon aprroval 
strMailinglistMessage2starting over
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: tweetfeathergrl on Jul 06 15, 04:59

I am starting over again and looking for someone to hang out with and maybe cuddling. I am 32 and love to have fun.  
strMailinglistMessage2Only if you exist...
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Nirvana75 on Jul 05 15, 17:40

I wonder ... Is there a nice girl, between 30-39 years, which is feminine, or andro, but cute, which is not bisexual and likes that only females? Is there such a girl who knows what she herself wants and what does not?

The girl, who is emotional, gentle, loving .. The girl with whom I can talk about anything and everything ...?

Maybe I'm asking too much ... I did not find that kind of girl, and that she can love me. Life has a thousand roads.

It really does not matter what part of the world you live ... Internet is the world made "global village", so it is not hard to one day meet and in real life.

Only if you exist. Or is it an impossible mission.

If you recognize in my words, write a message, who knows where ordinary conversation can take ..?
Also, regards for all the girls who are not recognized in my letter. 
strMailinglistMessage2 i wanna feel something special
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Ashbabes5 on Jul 05 15, 00:22

i cant understand why anyone wont give me a chance an get to know me heres a little about me though im 23 im a lesbian i am not out of the closet because i dont know how to tell my family i am disabled i cant drive i dont work i dont go to school u can say my mom is over protective of me because i was raped as child at school and then bullied from5th -11th grade by kids i take medication for depression , mood swings i cant say that my life has been easy because it hasnt and im still today trying to figure out my life i just wish someone anyone would give me a chance everyone has a past no one is perfect but i am here on shoe looking for a serious relationship /friends but more than anything i want some one i can share my life with an love them who they are 
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Beanie on Jul 03 15, 16:41 (edited: Jul 04 15, 14:39)

Im looking to get to know great girls from all over the world. I love traveling and getting to know new cultures and people. I am very much tattooed animal lover who helps old ladies to the bus and I hope to meet people who would do the same. Besides traveling I enjoy nerd games and music from one end to the other. If you want to get to know me better, write and let`s see what happens. :) Oh, and I`m 35 years old. 
strMailinglistMessage2Looking to meet you!
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: bunnyhut09 on Jul 03 15, 08:33

I'm 51 years young and I live in the Raleigh area. I'm looking to meet someone for friendship first. I believe that's where the foundation of any relationship starts. I have 3 kids and none of them live at home. I love meeting new people and helping others when I can. I like music, playing pool, movies, cooking and spending time with friends. I would love to meet someone that is not afraid of taking chances. Life is an adventure and I believe in meeting it head on. I try to live my life drama free and if you feel the same then we need to talk. I am a great listener. I love spoiling my partner. The beach is my sanctuary and I love taking long walks down the shoreline soaking up the beauty that the ocean has.  
strMailinglistMessage2Dranw 2 you
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Reiki on Jul 01 15, 06:09

In my journey here I am seeking a beautiful soul living within a beautiful woman-- an effeminate woman who knows who she is and is not clouded by being superficial. I want a real partnership with someone who's looking for a serious relationship. I'm looking for a strong spirit and a soul to soul connection. 
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: dell50 on Jul 01 15, 04:29

My morals and ethics are highly aligned. I value myself and believe my body is sacred therefore I posses a lot of "old Fashion" values. I consider myself centered...aware that the creative force is what I look to for guidance. I believe in living life in a thoughtful way, following a spiritual path, valuing non superficial things... such as income, status and ego therefore I live in some what of an minimalist manner.

I enjoy good conversations about the soul of a person. (Yes I'm a fan Super Soul Sunday). My soul does not conform to a specific role...some call it ambiguous, some call it androgynous, some call it or gender or orientation fluid...they all fit. My essence is that of one who thinks with the left as well as the right side of the brain...therefore I do not subscribe to femme/butch dynamics.

My personality is level headed, calm friendly, nonjudgmental and have been gifted with a great deal of common sense.

Although my personality may come off as serious, to know me is quite the contrary. Do you think you can get to that part of me?

MY match would be: Authentic, spiritually grounded, at peace with herself and others. Emotionally available and consciously awake.

Her glass is at least 3/4 full . She would know and practice the importance of health and wellness yet allow herself to indulge in the not so healthy food pleasures at times.

She would be nurturing, compassionate, attentive and understanding. She would know the meaning of a team player which constitutes being supportive. Her value system would match mine and we would share involuntary mutual attraction.

She seek peace in her life ...Oh, and I must not forget that she would be around for the long haul after renting the Uhaul. :)

Texts are amazing for flirting and for staying connected throughout the day. But serious talks, joys, accomplishments... big and small is the key to growth, building and learning one another. Let's show each other the courtesy of actually "being present", that means no multitasking while on the phone, dates, or just relaxing in one another's presence.

Wishing you all a pleasant internet journey!

Wishing you all the blessings and luck on your internet journey! 
strMailinglistMessage2I Desire Intimacy
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: peaceonearth67 on Jul 01 15, 04:03

I am a mom, Christian, friend, lover, tutor, entrepreneur, student, musician, writer, babysitter, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, and woman of a mixed racial background with a physical illness who is still trying to grow up.
I am back in school so that I can finish my psychology bachelor's degree and get a better job. I hope to make money singing gigs someday. I also want to publish my poetry in the future.
I love a variety of music that I can sing, dance, and listen to and love activities dealing with those things.
I am looking for women who want to be friends, take their time, get to know each other, date, see what happens, who try to be a good person, and can accept my crazy life.
I hope to meet women in person sooner rather than later and love singing, dancing, reading, writing poetry, poetry readings, concerts, coffeehouses, eating out, movies at the theater & home, museums, walks in nature, being near water, and new experiences or adventures.
I am a friendly, caring, compassionate, honest, and intelligent woman who loves to meet new women and is a good listener and enjoys talking as well.
It is important to me that we are equals, treat each other with respect, can trust each other, be honest with each other, be friends, try not to judge each other, help each other, & that we can be supportive & positive with each other in a relationship.
I love everything about women & what makes them feminine in myself & in other women. I enjoy the softness, curves, beauty, touch, & feel of a woman. I also love their closeness, friendship, sensitivity, & intelligence. I hope to make friends & go on some dates.
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