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Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: Mysoulmate on Aug 28 14, 14:32

Hey ladies! :)
Nice to meet you!
I am creative, honest, deep-felt person and I'm looking for someone special here.
I like reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing musical instruments, learning etc.. You can ask everything you want to know about me.
I dream to live with my soulmate in a big light house near the sea or the ocean..

Ok:) see you:) waiting for your messages! 
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: MISSISSIPPIQUEEN on Aug 28 14, 08:57

My My name is Kristin i live
In Florida but i was born and raised a Mississippi girl
I am so tired of MEN and have been for a long time
I have always been attracted emotionally physically and every way to
Women i am thirty oh dirty thirty lol
And im ready to be true to myself and hopefully find a woman a soul
Mate to enJoy life with and have fun on this journey i know it might not come easy or fast
But lets put our SHOES on and go for a walk ;)  
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: tiger2 on Aug 27 14, 08:58

Hi am tiger2:

Am a 52 years old lesbian and out all my life. Just looking for penpals and friendship. Am retired right now from the military where I served for 25 years. Right now writing a book of which am very fond at.

Fond of reading, listen to good music, watch movies at home, very fond at nature and animals by heart. My only company now is my beloved cat named Lucas. More spiritual than religious. Very GOD fearing woman though. Use to be a Mountain Climber before. Love to travel and walk down the beach when can, love the ocean.

Also practice yoga and Tai Chi. Very attracted to new age things eventhough most people don't understand. Like to help others very much and would like to have some sort of a mission now that am retired. Would like to have penpals and good friends which is very difficult nowadays. Is very difficult people understand my shyness maybe.

Well...if some of this have call your attention as a penpal can contact me at my nickpage, leave a message or post an ad.

Thanks and regards,
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: tiger2 on Aug 26 14, 23:58

Hi Smitty50:

Am tiger2 female, I read your message posted. Am also looking for good friends which is not anything easy.

It must be very interesting to be a musician, am 52 years old lesbian woman and out of the closet all my life. Right now am retired from the military where I served for 25 years. More spiritual than religious, very GOD fearing woman though. Very fond of reading, listen to good music, watch movies at home, dining out, very fond of nature and animals by heart, love to travel and walk down the beach when can, love the ocean. My only company at home is my beloved cat named Lucas.

I also practice yoga and Tai Chi. Use to be a Mountain Climber before. You can contact me thru my nickpage and let me know when you gonna be chatting by leaving me a message.

Well.....if something of all this interest you hope to have news from you then.

Thanks and regards,
strMailinglistMessage2Need Advice
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: fmeade1 on Aug 26 14, 02:35

I haven't done this in a very long time but I need some advice and what I should do. I have been talking to this girl for 6 years now on and off. We live only 30 miles part and I work in the town she lives in 2 days a week. We have never met that I remember(I will get into that later). We have never talked on the phone or video chatted only texted and facebooked.

She invited me to go see the last Twlight movie with her and a couple of her friends which I said yes to. I had told her a couple of days before I had forget I made plans with my cousin and godkids to go out of town that day but if I got back in time I would let her know. When I realized I wouldn't be back in time I texted her and told her. She said she understood.

In December of 2013 we started talking a lot. We even rang in the new year texting each other. We would talk about our bucket list and even made a bucket list together of places we wanted to see together. Since January of 2014 we have only missed a couple of days not texting each other. For the most part we talked every day. In February 2014 we made plans to go to lunch together. That morning she texted me at 10:30 and told me her mom was sick and she had to back out of going. I told her that I understood.

We continued talking about vacations we would like to take together. Places we would like to go and movies we would like to see but it seemed it wouldn't never go past the talking of it. I know a lot of you are probably thinking what I thought at first this girl isn't real but she is because my best friend used to work with her. That is actually how we first got to talking years ago. We always talked about going fishing, to the movies, day get aways and just hanging out. she called me boo and I called her boo bear.

In May of 2014 we made plans to go to Asheville with my friend that used to work with her. The morning of the trip she texted me and said her cousin's husband had been in a really bad car wreck and they weren't sure if he was going to make it so she was going to go be with her cousin. I again told her I understood.

After that we continued texting. I would ask her about her mom and her cousin's husband but always got short brief answers. I am not saying she was lying about anything just was weird she wouldn't go into detail on anything. My cousin, my friend and myself all tried to get her to do things just out of blue with us and she always was busy doing something. This girl did tell me something that I don't remember. We were talking and out of the blue she told me we have met before. It was at a bar she described the friends I use to hand out with and everything. She said she walked up to me and said hello and she said I just stood there and Said hi. I use to drink a lot back then and I don't remember this at all. I do remember something which I thought was a dream and that is just about what happened in the dream. A girl that was similar to her walked up to me and I was just in shock and when the girl said hello all I could get out was Hi and just stared. I don't know if that was a dream or real but just all weird.

In July of 2014 we made plans again this time to go to WV to see a bridge both of us wanted to go see. about 5 days before we were to go she got sick with walking pneumonia. The day before we were supposed to go we texted and she said it was best she didn't go because of being sick. I agreed and backed out of the whole trip because this was one place we both wanted to go see really bad. I knew if we didn't back out of it that night she would have done it anyways. We still talked everyday. Even with her being sick.

Now it is August. She had asked me the first week of August of I would like to go fishing Sunday the 17th. I thought this time would be different because she was asking me. I told her sure. A few days before I reminded her about asking me and she said she didn't remember asking me so I found the text and sent it to her. She said ok we will go. Well, I didn't get my hopes up because I didn't want to be let down again. Sure enough that morning she texted me and said she couldn't go because her mom was having trouble talking and she didn't want to leave her alone.

This is where I need the advice. My friend that knows her too texted me right when I got the message from the girl asking me if she had backed out. I told her yes I just got a text. Well my friend without telling me facebooked this girl telling her she needed to stop leading me on. That if she didn't like me that way to stop playing with my emotions. Well the girl told my friend she did like me and she wasn't leading me on. Again I didn't know that was going on. This is what I texted the girl...

"I'm not mad just can't understand why everytime we make plans you have to cancel so I 'm to the point to thinking that it's me that you truly don't want to meet and that's find. I just wished you would have told me up front you didn't want to meet or hang out because it does play with my feelings. If all you want is a text friend then just tell me. you don't have to keep saying we are going to do this and we are going to do that when you know its never going to happen. I'm not tying to make you mad or feel guilty...Im just letting you know how I feel about this. I hope your mom feels better"

she got defensive and this is what she wrote me back...

"You know what, Ive been honest with you about everything. How many times have I talked to you about my mom. It happens on days we don't have plans too! I'll be damned if Im gonna leave her alone to fall and get hurt. You and your friend sending me smartass messages isn't gonna make it better. If I didn't like you I wouldn't talk to you, Period!"

We went on back and forth for a while about things me telling her I wasn't being a smartass I was just trying to let her know how it makes me feel when she backs out and she said that I was trying to guilt her. She even brought up the time she asked me to go to Twlight and I backed out because I already made plans and didn't give me a guilt trip and have her friends send me hateful messages. After that message this is what I wrote her...

"I never asked my friend to send you a message. She had just asked me when you texted so yeah I told her you weren't going. I didn't know she was going to send you a message at all. It took me a little bit to word the text to send to you so it wouldn't come across in a bad way but a lot of good that did. As for the twilight movie yes I do remember that and I'm not trying to guilt you into anything. I did forget about making plans with my cousin and I did think we would be back in time but as I recall that the only time. I'm not trying to guilt you into anything. I am sorry if what my friend said makes it out like she is belittling you but again I never asked her to message you but I did ask her not do any more. I'm sorry for saying anything other than just saying I understand and I hope your mom feels better. I'm sorry...I can't do or say anything else other than sorry"

That was the last time I texted her and the message about twilight and me backing out and her not guilt tripping me and having her friends send hateful messages to me, was the last message from her. I sent my message last.

I really like this girl. What did I do wrong? should I text her or just leave her alone? She hasn't texted me in over a week and it is really bothering me but at the same time I am just giving her space. if she really did like me why wouldn't she meet me and why won't she text me now? I'm so confused. can anyone help me see what is going on and what I did wrong?  
strMailinglistMessage2I am looking for some online pen pals or friends
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: crystalstarlowery on Aug 21 14, 18:10

I came out of the closet on 2/10/2013. The only other lesbian that I know is my partner and I would like to make some LGBT friends. I go to a church that is LGBT friendly so I am around people who are part of this lifestyle. I am interested in talking to other lesbians. If you Re interested please send me a message, thanks 
strMailinglistMessage0Vegas Anyone?
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: georgee on Aug 21 14, 03:23

Hey just looking for women in Vegas Im interested in everything escept for heavy drugs and drinking. I'm drawn to intelligent women, free thinking ambitious lesbians. 
strMailinglistMessage2Hello :)
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: KateB19 on Aug 18 14, 19:26

I am Kate. I am on this website looking at it for a beautiful friend of mine. She is introverted and shy , and struggles with social anxiety, though she is gorgeous. She is bisexual, and wants to get to know a mature, kind young woman. She is located in Waterdown, Ontario. She loves green eyes on woman, and she is 19 years old as of last month. She doesn't mind dating one year younger, but she wouldn't date any older than 4 years. She likes most body types and loves curves. She has an average body herself. She has a great, fun personality when she is comfortable. She's very laid back, adventerous and usually down for anything. Hoping to find a girl with a nice personality and who possibly shares similar interests as her (nature, animals, outdoors, travelling). Please email me if you want to get together or we can do a 3 way conversation on Facebook
have a great day! hope to hear from you soon!
strMailinglistMessage0Looking for love
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: brownnay on Aug 18 14, 01:04

I'm a soft stud,black female,5'10. I enjoy outdoor activities. I'm pretty laid back. Dinner and a good movie is an ideal date for me. I don't like drama. Looking for someone to laugh with and enjoy life. 
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: GayAssNettah on Aug 17 14, 00:42

Hey ma hru ?? Let Me Know What's Up widd Chu frfr  
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