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strMailinglistMessage2Looking for the "Elder Statesman" ......
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: PragmaCynic on Oct 08 14, 06:11

I've been thinking of my ideal woman, and wanted to place my thoughts here. A friend of mine wants me to try and be hopeful and positive so … here goes.

She is the soft butch to equalize my ultra-femme. I don't even have a problem if she sometimes gets confused for a man. For me, that's exciting. In a nutshell; Taller than me, short hair, flat chest. Handsome in a suit and tie.

Her age can be up to 5 years under mine, but I confess to liking the older statesman. She can be up to 15 years older than me … more if we truly click.

I have my hands full working on my own weight. As a result, I would prefer someone that is between thin and slightly overweight.

Physical health becomes an issue as we get older. I don't want to fall in love just to have that snatched away from me due to ill health.

Race can be anything under the sun, as long as our personalities mesh. But religion may become an issue as I am not Christian and I do not react well to conversion attempts.

Now … that takes care of the icky, politically incorrect physical desires list. What will this elder statesman soft butch have to do emotionally?

Location … I suppose that for friendship anyplace in the contiguous United States would work, but I am also open to Canada and the UK … anyplace where language will not frustrate us. Relocation … we'll have to see who is relocating to whom, if either of us.

The few friends I have tell me that the woman of my dreams will have to have patience and to spare. Some of them may think that my elder statesman woman should be a psychiatrist. I think they're kidding, but …..

I will not pretend that I am “rainbows and skittles”, “kitties and puppies” or “sunny and seventies” in the personality department. The truth of the matter is that I am a pragmatic cynic with trust issues streaming out of every available opening.

However, part of that comes from the fact that, when I give myself and my heart, I don't go halfway. I love completely, friends or lovers. The thing is … I no longer give it with ease.

Since I have begun looking for lesbian companionship online, I've found that far too many want “instant gratification”. I don't move fast anymore. While I lived in my closet, I moved with lightening speed. Now I am all about “slow and steady wins the race”.

Also I have found a lot of folks can't be bothered with long and detailed emails. Part of the “instant gratification” think, I think. But conversation is very important to me and I like to think it is for others in my age requirements. My trust issues mean it will be at least a week or two before I am ready to move from emails to IM's to SMS to telephone calls. She needs to be ready for that.

I have a very active role playing life. This is not the kind of role playing like “Lady of the manner and her hand maiden” sex role play. I'm into paragraph posting plot driven role play and have a virtual island dedicated to that. Nothing would make me happier than to have someone special to play in the storylines I create.

Basically I am not perfect. I am a homebody whose clubbing and partying days are WELL behind me. Now I am looking for someone to share my golden years with.

So if you might be my elder statesman woman, please contact me. 
strMailinglistMessage2Looking For Me?
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: cheekyfemme on Oct 21 14, 06:54

My name is Corina and I am 22 from Minnesota. My physique is curvy. I am caring, romantic, kind, passionate and sincere. My personality is ISFP. I am an avid reader who loves photography. Love vintage. I have an old soul. Animal lover; have 2 cats. My spirituality revolves around nature. Love autumn and the night sky.

I am looking for someone who can be friends first so we get to know each other first.I believe knowing a personbefore anything else is important. Has to love animals. Wants to share interests and experience new things. Would be willing tomeet me,distance doesn't matter. Preferrably 19-32. Likes music.stud..femme doesn't matter..
strMailinglistMessage2Looking for friends in the Tampa Bay area
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: pnkfemme on Oct 20 14, 18:27

Hello, my name is Cathy I currently live in Tampa, just moved here a few months ago from St Pete. I'm looking to meet people with similar interests. I have a lot of friends, all of which are in relationships....I feel like a third wheel, I have reached that point in my life, where I just won't settle. I'm comfortable being me, but it would be nice to have friends that like the theater, museums, art exhibits. kayaking, hiking etc....i'm outgoing and most would say, i'm a cross between Lucy and Carrie from the King of I am employed, have my own car, own money, educated and have no medical issues. If you are interest, message me..... 
strMailinglistMessage2Help bringing education to women in South India!
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: shewave on Oct 20 14, 15:28

"Eight tablets and the second journey to south india. Be a part to support the education for the women in south india."

I saw a television documentary about the women in India and was dismayed at the cruel destiny suffered by so many girls being killed for the only reason of being a female. Furthermore, I was taken aback by the women’s frm belief that they are to be blamed if they give birth to a girl. It is my opinion that this very sad and erroneous belief needs to be corrected and I wondered if a simple animated film might offer an explanation and consequentially a better understanding of the fact, that it is the man’s genetic constitution deciding the child's sex.

With all the information which we got during our researches in Madurai, I started the animation work. The very important perception was that all of the women who we met knew about the symbols x and y. The animation contains a story of the child’s gender determination without using symbols like we know as sperm, egg, penis, vagina, making love etc.

Now it's time to bring it to the field! Help us to finish this little project...
*nandri*thank you* 
strMailinglistMessage0A little something on the side
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: SFLGRL on Oct 20 14, 06:11

Very busy with all that I have in my plate but can surely take time to chat with some nice ladies. I'm 31 and time is ticking so you gotta have fun since you never know what tomorrow holds! 
strMailinglistMessage2Love, Dating, Romance, and Friendship
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: peaceonearth67 on Oct 19 14, 08:54

I am a mom, Christian, friend, lover, office assistant/admin/manager, student, musician, writer, babysitter, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, and woman of a mixed racial background with a physical illness who is still trying to grow up.
I am back in school so that I can finish my psychology bachelor's degree and get a better job. I hope to make money singing gigs someday. I also want to publish my poetry in the future.
I love a variety of music that I can sing, dance, and listen to and love activities dealing with those things.
I am looking for women who want to be friends, take their time, get to know each other, date, see what happens, who try to be a good person, and can accept my crazy life.
I hope to meet women in person sooner rather than later and love singing, dancing, reading, writing poetry, poetry readings, concerts, coffeehouses, eating out, movies at the theater & home, museums, walks in nature, and new experiences or adventures.
I am a friendly, caring, compassionate, honest, and intelligent woman who loves to meet new women and is a good listener and enjoy talking as well.
It is important to me that we are equals, treat each other with respect, can trust each other, be honest with each other, be friends, try not to judge each other, help each other, & that we can be supportive & positive with each other in a relationship.
I love everything about women & what makes them feminine in myself & in other women. I enjoy the softness, curves, beauty, touch, & feel of a woman. I also love their closeness, friendship, sensitivity, & intelligence. I hope to make friends & go on some dates. I am also open to friends with benefits. I am bi but prefer romantic relationships and intimacy with women.
strMailinglistMessage0just a little of who I am
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: Rew87 on Oct 18 14, 04:22

A lot of people ask me " so are you bisexual or lesbian?" my answer.... I find myself attracted to someones personality, intelligence, humor, body language, and much more. I dont just look at what is on the outside because it doesn't make you the complete person you are. I am happy with the choices I have made with partners in the past. regardless if things ended badly or ended on a good note, they have all taught me something regardless of what their sexual orientation is or was. With that said I am a lesbian. Take it or leave it.

On another note, as you know my name is Roxanne, I also go by Rox (pronounced rocks) and Rew (pronounced Rue). I was born and raised in Portland Oregon and I still live here. I have 11 piercings and 12 tattoos currently. Im single but im not rushing it, when its right I will know. I have learned that I shouldn't have to try so hard for something that is meant to be.

I have not traveled very far. The farthest north I have been is Seattle Washington and the farthest South I have been is Grants Pass Oregon but I hope to change that sometime soon. I'm young and living life to the fullest but I was not always happy with my choices in life nor was my family or close friends.

I have had my ups and downs like most people, especially when I was 16 and thought I knew everything in life... man was I wrong. I have been though a lot in life so far and Its has taken a lot for me to get where I am today. To even still be alive, is a blessing and I feel very blessed to be where I am even though it may not seem like much to most. The experiences I have gone through in my life so far have made me the strong woman I am today and to some I may come off as being a bitch, I'm okay with that. Its me being myself and not letting people push me around or bully me so if you have a problem well get in line with the rest of the people waiting for me to give a damn.

I'm not perfect but I try my hardest not to judge a book by its cover because its hurtful and I know exactly how it feels. People place judgment all the time and don’t think about what they say or do and how it will effect people and their lives. I don’t believe in discriminating against people because of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age and so on. So what ever you do that makes you happy, will make me happy. Just as long as you are true to yourself and don’t change because of what others think or do. Remember if people don’t like you for you, then they should not be around you or in your life to begin with.

So if you have sex before marriage, kids before marriage, transition from a man to a woman or a woman to a man, in a gay relationship, in a lesbian relationship, in a straight relationship, choose to be celibate, choose to have multiple sex partners, choose to have children of your own, choose to adopt children, choose to have piercings or none at all, choose to have tattoos or are against them, choose to have natural hair or buy it out of a store, are 420 friendly or don't like it, and so many more choices you make in life… as long as you are yourself and happy with your choices and of course as long as it does not cause harm to anyone else in the world… Be yourself! This is not a lifestyle, this is not a fashion show. Its your life and no one can change that but you. Keep it real…. ♡ Rew 
strMailinglistMessage2looking for my soul mate and friends
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: doubiouslozzy on Oct 16 14, 10:15 (edited: Oct 18 14, 08:01)

hi just thought i'd have a try on this site ,to find a loyal honest loving romantic boyish butch woman i'm feminine 5ft 5inch 11st 10lbs honest loving caring, hard working,i like dinning in or out like all kinds of music, not into sport,like cooking, walking, travel, i'm shy until known , i am a smoker,and i like to have a drink now and then ,i live in Lancashire, so if you would like to find out more and tell me about yourself please do GENUINE WOMEN ONLY PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS look forward to hearing from you thanx for looking xx  
strMailinglistMessage2Where art thou Ms. Right?
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: visionOfLove on Oct 15 14, 06:44 (edited: Oct 15 14, 07:44)

I recently had my heart trampled on by the last person I ever thought would do such a thing. It broke me completely and I'm slowly putting back the pieces of my heart to make it whole again. The heart break has not made me lose my belief and trust in love. I know that wen I do find the one, she will stay with me forever!!

A lil about me, I enjoy the simple things in life, going for a walk, snuggling up to watch a movie, sharing aprons in the kitchen, long drives in the night..catching the sunset or sunrise..staring at the ocean or moon rising above the horizon.. I'm an artist and find beauty everywhere. I love taking photos of anything that catches my eye. I'm a romantic at heart and extremely loyal. I fight for wat I believe in and give my all wen in a relationship. I'm also very sensitive...which sometimes causes problems. I have a generous heart and have been volunteering since I was 18.

I love spoiling my girl and will go to the ends of the earth to make her happy and content. I am also an animal lover and have a soft spot for dogs :)

I'm looking for friends and who knows where things will go from there.. I'm attracted to someone who's confident about themselves but not too cocky.. Someone with a generous heart, funny, isn't afraid to laugh bout themselves. Romantic, knows how to spoil her girl and easy to get along with. It doesn't matter which part of the world you're from.. I'd love to hear from you..

Oh...and I'm 36 years young and live on the east coast of Kenya.. 
strMailinglistMessage2Need friends
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: Daily on Oct 14 14, 05:24

I'm nice and honest and kind to everyone , I don't have friends so I will be happy if I could find friends here , message me if interested c: 
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