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The Guidelines / Netiquette of the SHOE Community


The SHOE Lesbian Online Community is probably the safest and most welcoming Social Network for Lesbians. We are a real lesbian community with Body and Soul and the ♥ Heart ♥ in the right place! In order for the community to stay that way, we kindly ask our users to respect some easy and clear rules. We thank you :)

Treat others the same way you want to be treated. Please always remember that the people behind the nicknames are real human beings with real feelings. We encourage a healthy exchange of opinions and disagreements are allowed! By all means challenge an opinion – but please do it respectfully.

General Membership Information

  • The member area is for women only
    - with the exception of Promotor Profiles, Organisations & SHOE Friends (for Events)
  • False and / or invalid profiles will be deleted
  • Only one profile may be registered per person
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Statement

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Guidelines of the SHOE Community

  • We reserve the right to delete any photos and posts, we think are offensive, pornographic, dubious, racist, sexist, insulting and/or in any other way unsuitable
  • Do not flame or personally insult another user. Please do not harass, threaten or attack anyone, or behave in any way that would cause annoyance or distress to other users.
  • Do not try to force your opinion on other users. Remember the world is a big place full of very different people. They may have different views and opinions. Respect them! Attack the issue, not the person.
  • Don't trust ANYBODY enough to give them any personal information - not even email addresses. To stay in contact with other members, please use your nickpage or the messenger until you feel like you can trust them.
  • No Spam, no chain letters, pyramid schemes or any recruiting for 'network marketing' businesses.
  • Do not ask our members for money.Not even in the name of an organzation unless it is a certified one.

Abuse of the SHOE Houserules / Netiquette will be handled as follows:

  • 1 Warning = Yellow Card
    Action taken: None. User will receive a formal warning.
  • 2nd Warning
    Action taken: User will be banned for 1 month from the website. User will get notification of this action by email.
  • 3rd Warning = Red Card
    Action taken: User will be banned permanently from the Website. User will get notification of this action by email.

These actions apply to ALL members. Basic and SHOELace Members alike. Thank you for respecting our netiquette.

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Photo Upload


  • By uploading photos you declare your consent for publication
  • No photos to which you do not have the "rights" to use (copyright infringement)
  • Any image that is against the law and or which depicts cruelty and or inappropriate behavior

Photos on your Nickpage:

Profile Photo:

  • You have to be pictured alone on the photograph
  • Your face must be easily recognizable
  • No Links, URLs or Email Addresses on photograph
  • No pornographic content incl. photos of nudes, breast shots, bathing suits
  • Any image that is against the law and or which depicts cruelty and or inappropriate behavior
  • Drawings, Comics and/or Star-Portraits or in any other way manipulated.

MyPhoto Album:

  • No pornographic content incl. photos of nudes, breast shots
  • No advertisement

Report Abuse

Please report abuse! It is vital to keep this community safe and welcome. Report abuse directly to the SHOE-Team by sending email including the abusers username, reason of reporting and if possible copy/paste the offending text in your email. We thank you!

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>Help / FAQ

Got any further questions? Please check out our extensive Helpfile / FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), ask one of our helpful SHOE Gurus or visit our User Support Forum. We are here for you :)

The SHOE Community provides this service for free. Thank you for respecting our guidelines.

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