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SHOE User Verification

Since 2007 we offer our users to get verified through our SHOE User Verification System. It's voluntary but we'll make it worth your while with some fabulous benefits!
How can I get verified?
Click on this link and download the form. Fill out all the empty fields and send it back to us along with a copy of your passport / ID Card (back & front). Upon positive verification you will receive a special icon on your nickpage and other benefits. View below.

If you do not own a passport / ID card, you may also send us another official document (drivers licence for instance). It is most important, that this document contains the following:

» Photo
» Date of Birth
» First and Familiy Name
» Your signature

Your Benefits
After your documents have been successfully verified, you will receive the following benefits aswell as all of the below mentioned advantages:

» Special "User Verified" Icon on your Nickpage
» 1 Month Free Membership Upgrade resp. Extension of your existing Upgrade
» 10% off your next purchase at the SHOE Online Store:

Verification? Why? What's the reason?
Trust is the foundation of any community. And one cornerstone of trust is identity. You’ve got to know something about the person you are dealing with before you can trust them. Knowing who to trust in an online environment presents unique challenges. Traditionally SHOE users have based their trust on relationships built over time aswell as the time and effort we the SHOE-team puts into creating a safe haven. Since 1997 we have checked every single new profile!

Despite all the time and energy we put into checking all new profiles there will always be the odd one out who signs up just to cause trouble. We want to protect our SHOE Community and first and foremost we want to protect YOU! In an online world, you can never be 100% sure, that the 18 year old Jenny you are talking to, isn't in fact a 64 year old John. With your verification, you are showing other users, that you are in fact REAL. That you are who you say you are. This builds the foundation of trust between our users.

This is why we have introduced the SHOE Verification System back in 2007. It's voluntary! But we encourage everyone to get verified and get the rewards for doing it! See above > Your Benefits.

You do not wish to get verified? No problem! You have your reasons - it's ok. It is voluntary.

Afraid what's gonna happen with your data?
We assure you, you don't need to worry! Once we receive your documents, what we do is verify whether the person on the ID is/could be the same as on the SHOE profile. We check date of birth, gender and whether the signature on the form matches with the ID. If we have doubts we will decline the verification. You can send your documents either by email or by post. Or you come to where we are and we do a LIVE verification - for instance at Pride.

Important - Important - Important - Important
No information is given to third parties. We do NOT save any data. We only verify the information and confirm by putting an icon on your page. No more, no less...

After the verification process, all documents are immediately destroyed. YOU HAVE OUR WORD!

We are aware, that there is no 100% guarantee that the user is not lying about their identity despite sending us a copy of their ID BUT it is one important step towards more honesty and safety in this big wide cyber world.... and you get a lovely icon on your nickpage ;-)

Not verified yet? Do it now! :-)

Link: SHOE User Verification

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