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Home » New Erotic Toys and Sensual Accessories for Lesbians

New Erotic Toys and Sensual Accessories for Lesbians

We are very excited to show you our latest arrival in our SHOE Pride Online Shop. We have lots of very exciting new toys, dildos, vibrators, massage oils and so much much. Surprise your girlfriend or make yourself happy ;-)

Overview Latest Arrivals

> Sensual / Massage Oil / Gel

> Dildos / Smartballs

> Vibrators

> Misc.

Sensual / Massage Oil / Gel

»massage candle« – sinnliche Massagekerze Aphrodisiac »massage candle« – Sensual Massage Candle

Light it once and the amorous massage candle« pampers body, mind and soul with soothing light, sensuous scent and pleasant, pampering oils.

Available Flavors: Aphrodisiac or Vanilla

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»cooling gel« – sinnlich kühlendes Gel »cooling gel« – Sensual Cooling Gel

Sensual cooling gel endows the most intimate places with an invigorating, cooling feeling.

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»massage oil« Massageöl - Relaxant »massage oil« Massage Oil

The soothing love yourself! »luxurious massage oil« will indulge you and your partner with unforgettable moments.

Available Flavours: Aphrodisiaque or Relaxant

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»love fluid« – Liebesfluid zum Küssen »love fluid« – Kissable Love Fluid

Apply it once and the love yourself! love fluid gently coats skin and enchants body, mind and soul.

Available Flavours: Cranberry, Orange/Ginger and Chocolate

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»pétille moi« – sprudelnde Badeperlen »pétille moi« – Bath Beads

Bath beads »pétille moi« are a special boost to your bath for those moments when you want to spoil yourself or your girlfriend

Available Flavour: Sunfruits

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»BODYFLUID« – Lovegel »BODYFLUID« – Lovegel

Bodyfluid Lovegel is lubricant silicone-based and very resilient, providing excellent lubrication wherever you need it, always leaving that special silky feeling on your skin.

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»TOYFLUID« – LUBRICANT »TOYFLUID« – Gleitgel / Lubricant

It has superior gliding qualities, is condom-safe, and due to a special house formula is still easy to rinse off, leaving no trace behind.

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Dildos / Smartballs

Liebeskugeln Weiss / Türkis Smartballs Original and Tenero **New**

These vaginal balls are unusual in that they stimulate, massage and train.

Available in many different colors

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Dildo Curve Dildo Curve

It comes in an extraordinary shape that is made for a woman’s lust and has that special pleasing combination of smooth and polished surface areas which turns it into a master of lust with style!

Available Colors: Pink and Violet

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Dildo Doppeldildo SHARE XLDildo Double Dildo SHARE XL

Shared lust is twice the lust. Be the one who gives pleasure. Discover new possibilities and add creativity to your love life.

Available in XL and Double Dildo Share Normal Size

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Dildo Paddy Pinguin Dildo Paddy Pinguin

Paddy Pinguin is a happy and magical little Pinguin. He hits the spot (by virtue of his surface variation, tantalizing arch, and pointed snout causing unexpected pleasure).

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Dildo Whirly Delfin Dildo Whirly Delfin

Dildo Whirly Dolphin Stubs - Made of 100 % Silicone! They are flexible without losing the necessary stability, easy to clean and hypo-allergenic.

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Vibrator MicroVibe FLY Vibrator MicroVibe FLY

FLY is the vibrator for anyone who dares to introduce a thrilling little toy into their love life without breaking the bank.

Available Colors: Turquoise or Blackberry

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Vibrator Aufladbar: Sinnflut - Reality Vibrator Rechargeable: Sinnflut - Reality

»SINNFLUT« gives you the freedom to love yourself, anytime and anywhere in the shower or at the lake, no batteries required.

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Vibrator Twist & Shake - Sally Sea Vibrator Twist & Shake - Sally Sea

The perky, vibrating stub nose of this playful sea lion indulges the clitoris. At the same time, the round body can be set to rotate for vaginal pleasure.

Available Colors: Frosty Rose or Frosty Blue

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Vibrator Smartvibe elLOVE Vibrator Smartvibe elLOVE

The elegant »elLOVE« enriches its owner’s personal realm of feeling and really takes off with the tap of a button.

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Vibrator Smartvibe The Boss lll Vibrator Smartvibe The Boss lll

Thanks to a newly refined silicone surface, »The BOSS« is extremely silky … feel it!

Available Colors: Blackberry or Vanilla

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Vibrator Smartvibe Semirealistic Vibrator Smartvibe Semirealistic

The turbo booster proves to be a freestyler – the ecstatic boost of passion is pre-programmed.

Available Colors: Blackberry or Pool Blue

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Vibrator Mini Vibe - Angela Vibrator Mini Vibe - Angela

Our affectionate companion should always be by your side, even while you are traveling.

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Bendy Beads Bendy Beads

“Bendybeads” are the ideal toy for all those who seek variety in their love life and want to try something new.

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Dildo Cavalier Dildo Cavalier

Dildo Cavalier - Made of 100 % Silicone! They are flexible without losing the necessary stability, easy to clean and hypo-allergenic.

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»Love Bag« – Accessoire »Love Bag« – Accessory

stylish, high-quality, practical. With our Love Bag every toy will find a home...

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Have fun browsing :-)

Remember: All proceeds from this online shop go to 100% towards the funding of the SHOE SOCIAL NETWORK. We thank you for your support!

Your SHOE-Team

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