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Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: TatiNunes on Dec 28 17, 04:19

Garotas de São Paulo, o que acham de organizarmos um encontro para sairmos um pouquinho do virtual e nos conhecermos?
Mandem sugestões de lugares e dias que ficam bons, que posso organizar um encontro nosso :) 
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: PaulaPastori on Jun 18 15, 22:07

Hi everyone, i'm looking for friendship and good talk :)  
strMailinglistMessage0Could you be the one?
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: SuarezT on Apr 08 15, 23:56

I am young and full of life.I love life..but am lonely here.I am looking for a beautiful mature woman to be good friends with.Lets see where it heads.I am an artist and my whole life revolves around Music and arts.I love travelling and sports.I also love watching movies.Just a simple stud but very understanding.A go getter,a dreamer a survivor.If you are out there looking for someone real,would be nice to hear from you.If you are serious only that it.Prefferebly 25 years and above.Someone honest and real. 
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: lorenaGomes on Jun 27 14, 05:47

Hi, my name is Lorena and i'm from Brasil in the city of Salvador, how are you ? 
strMailinglistMessage23 meses no Brasil!!!!
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: oran on May 16 14, 20:40

Bom dia!!!

Sou uma nulher francesa mas moro no Canada. Vou viajar ao Brasil de junho a septembro e gostaria conhecer a mulheres para mirar os partidos de futebol, jogar a futebol, fazer atividades, tomar um copo de vinho e muito mais coisas.

Estou aprendendo português, escrevo bem mas no o falo tao bem, mas vou aprender!

Entao no podem me acompanhar, tal vez podem me indicar sitios onde saiem as mulheres lesbianas no Rio!



strMailinglistMessage0Looking for some good pals
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: belle on Sep 12 12, 03:10

Hi everyone. I am a 23 year old brazilian lesbian and have been out and about since I was 17 years old. HOWEVER, today, I have 0 lesbian friends. We all know how hard it is to find those people we truly connect with and feel like sharing and on top of that, for her to be a lesbian.
I am a geek, who loves to read, games and outdoor sports. As I said, I live in Brazil but travel internationally with some frequency so would love to share brazilian as well as travel experiences.
I am desperately hoping to find some good friends is to trying! 
strMailinglistMessage0Para meu amigas no Brasil
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: on Jan 03 05, 17:04

O meu amor sozinho assim como um jardim dem flor so queria poder ir dizer a ele como a triste se sentir saudade E que eu gosto tanto dele Que e capez dele gostar de mim E acontece que eu estou mais longe dele que a estrela a reluzir na tarde

Abrazos Divine Love

strMailinglistMessage0LOVE LOVE LOVE and FRIENDSHIP
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: on Dec 26 04, 23:13

Hello Girls

I am looking for a very good friendship first, as well as for a caring loving relationship.

I am living in the city of Sao Paulo in Brasil.

I am strong like an Oak tree and sensitive like a baby. I see the world with the eyes of a child. I believe in angels and fairies. I adore oriental philosophy.(India China)

I like Chi Gong and ( Marshal Art in general), Astrology Painting and Fotography.

I love Travelling especially to lesser frequetned countries , to remote peaceful areas as well as international cities.

I love vegetarian food .

I am a lady with care and humility. Someone you can count.

I will enrich your life make you lough give you pleasure , happyness and peace. I admit I am not an angel and not the most easy girl , but I have very good intentions.

My heart is big an my mind ful of understanding, Lough and cry with me , I am hear waiting for you.
I do consulting- counceling , I am a researcher, artist and astrologer.

I am 45 years young and life evry day to the best of my ability.
Everyone is invited to write me, prefarable ladies between 35 and 50.

All my Love and Care to all of you
Divine Love

strMailinglistMessage0Brazilians in the US?
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: on Dec 29 03, 16:33

I was just wondering if there were any Brazilian Shoes in the US? particularly in the Midwest area? 
strMailinglistMessage0searching for friends
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: on Nov 09 03, 14:52

Hello girls in Brazil!!!
There is a rare kind of friend who knows just what to do when to tald, when to listen, how to be there for you, A friend who inspires you to grow in new ways a friend who will be there on both good and bad days. There s a rare kind of freind who makes life worth living by encouraging preising sharing and giving, A freind who can see things form your pient of view, the best kind of friend the rare kind of you.......

I am travelling to Brazil on the 12.11.2004 and I am looking for friendships, I am Austrian by nationlity. Please feel free to mail me.

Latin Kisss Sabina!!! 
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