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strMailinglistMessage2cultural & culinary w-e trip
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: malta on Nov 13 19, 20:01

Hello lovely girls,

I´m a genteel, attractive woman, enjoy tasteful entertainments and encounters.
Loving especially to combine w-e trips (I'm very spontaneous) with cultural and artistic events (like opera or musicals in the prominant European theatres, festivals, etc.) with the best gastonomy and nature views.
If someone feels the same wavelength and having enough vital thrust free to get in touch, give nice suggestion and join;)

strMailinglistMessage0I'm having the time of my life, wanna join me?
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: colours1977 on May 24 18, 14:21

Hello miss stranger
i am Margaret and hoping that destiny will make it look like honeymoon to me in find some one i can share my rainbow moments with age is distance is not a factor what matters most is our interest at heart and what we stand for in our lives just write me and we will hook up who knows there could be green light at the end of the tunnel for us .
lg Maggie
strMailinglistMessage2Book project
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: bookproject on Jan 08 18, 08:13

Hi girls,
in the context of a popular scientific book project, I (female, 37, doctor in psychology) am looking for women of all ages who would be willing to tell me (in a personal interview) their story in view of their sexual orientation. When they first noticed that they fancied women, first sexual experience, coming out etc. It is not meant to be an erotic book but really rather a popular scientific one. The book already has a publisher.
If you are interested, please send me an email to: buchprojekt2018(at) with a couple of details about you (age, etc)
German language preferred but not a must
I am also happy to tell you more about the project
Cheers, Andrea 
strMailinglistMessage0looking for a serious relationship
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: anstacia on Jan 11 16, 15:29

I'm looking for a special lady to enjoy all the best things with. I am a grown up and am looking for a relationship with someone who is looking for the same. I'm brown, told that I have beautiful eyes and "amazing" breasts, lol, their words, not mine. If you are into breasts you will be happy. I am somewhere between total tomboy and girly girl, you will usually catch me in jeans and sneakers but I love dressing up for a lovely night out. please cntact if interested  
strMailinglistMessage0Classy, loves honesty , a good laugh, and easy going.
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: ClassyLady30s on Jan 25 15, 23:18

Well what can i say ..... I am looking to make friendships from around the world. I have been around throughout my life .. USA, UK, and now Germany as well as lots of other countries that i travelled to. It opened my eyes and my mind to the people the cultures the whole new other world out there with all its colours and all it can give. I love to laugh and joke .... im told im funny but hey i wont brag too much ... for now :P haha jk. So dont be shy and get in touch... i dont bite ... unless u ask me too :P hahah again jk :)
strMailinglistMessage2Hallo there :)
Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
From: Lunarmosien on Nov 11 14, 15:57 (edited: Nov 13 14, 13:36)

Greetings! So...
At the mean time, I am officially lost.
Lost almost as much as the entirely innocent stage :)

One year ago, I believe that love is all about
a nature-oriented care,hurt,pain,trust and joy shall return at last.
I trusted and used all I've got to tell someone that she means the world to me.
Unfortunately, due to the Chinese reserved natures
(or my personality?),
I held back every time in explaining my every intention to things related to her.

For example, listening to her pain,I felt the same as well,that's why I kept silent.
For example, feeling our body closeness everytime, I felt a
heart pounding urge that had never occurred before,
but chose to keep silent because I was too scared to harm her at that critical moment for my inexperience,
because I had only met one woman whom I want to protect...
and turned out to be protected at last.

Thinking that as long as I stay wholehearted, someday she will reckon me as her lover,
then we will have a free and true soul-to-soul relationship and life spent together.
Now she taught me that we are best friend and that she has a boyfriend.
I guess I am supposed to be happy for her.
I wish her all the happiness.

So,maybe,at this stage,it would be a preferable time to start a relationship.
To see the world,see if there is somebody who is able to echo with my nature,
so as mine echo with theirs.

I was born in the year of dog,
a Sun sign Taurus, Moon Sign Scorpio, Rising Sagittarius.
Weird sort of emotions sometimes(?!)
So feel free to message me please,if you are interested to be friends or anything :)

Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: Feel81 on Jun 16 14, 21:20 (edited: Jul 02 14, 19:50)

Hello girls :)

we are searching new friends from Cologne and area. We are 33 and 29 years old and we live about 1 year in Germany. We would like to meet couples or also single girls to spending time together in clubs, on walking, shoping, cinema and all things which belong to real good friendship :) We would like to meet people who are honest, helpful, nice and want the same like we to build friendship for very long .long time:) We speak also german and polish. Greetings for all :) 
strMailinglistMessage0Slim 18-26 girl wanted
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: colvv on May 20 14, 10:04


Im bi,26,160cm,46kg long brown hair,slim
Im looking for a slim girl bi or les 18-30 to spend nice relaxing time together
First friendship then maybe something more :)

I live in frankfurt
strMailinglistMessage2Friends in Berlin?
Category: Friendship | Language: E
From: Phantasyland on Apr 23 14, 09:37

Hello! We'll be on our way to Berlin with the Mrs next week and would like to get to know some locals.

I speak a little German and the Mrs can sing in German. :)

We are both past 40, but nice and well-behaved. Have been to Begine and will go this time as well.

Send me a message if interested. Mere friendship. 
strMailinglistMessage2meeting new people during vacation 16th - 21st of July
Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
From: simplygirl28 on Jun 30 13, 18:05

Hi, everybody!

Me and my girlfriend will be in Hamburg from 16th till 21st of July. We already have place to stay, but we would like to hang out or have drink together... or maybe you can show around a bit...)

We both like to meet new people all around... our plans are totally flexible...

Looking forward to see interesting places in Hamburg and meet cool people!

Also we are open to any suggestions of places "to be visited" (including LGBT locations)...

Inga and Heidi 
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