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How do I use the Message Center?


SHOE Members can send each other private messages. If someone sends you a message, you will receive it in your message center. A flashing envelope in the blue task bar below informs you of the new message.

How to write a Message

Direct Message

Go to the Users Profile and click on "Send Message" just below the Profile photo. A window will open and you can compose a new message and send it directly to this user.

Message through Message Center

Either click on the white envelope on your blue taskbar below. It's on every page or go to MySHOE - Message Center

Click on "Write new Message". Enter username of recipient where it says "Your message to", add Subject and Text.


Basic SHOE Members can only send messages from their message center to their buddies.
SHOELace Members can send messages to anyone.

Further Limitations for Basic SHOE Members, please view here.

Helpful Hints

You can send one message through the message center to all your buddies at the same time!
This is how: FAQ Message Center

You can not only format your message in any way you like. You may include photos, links, spoilers etc in your message.
This is how: FAQ Blogs, Guestbooks

Once you have read a message, that message will get deleted from your inbox after 5 days.
(SHOE Basic only - Upgrade to keep all your messages forever)

Last modified: Jul 16 10

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