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My messages have disappeared

Notification-Mail received - but there is no message

If you have received an automatic notification mail from SHOE, that somebody has sent you a message but you cannot find a message in your guestbook or message center, there could be two reasons for this:

Reason 1

The user has abused SHOE to send scam over the network. Because we check every single profile, we can detect fakes and scammers very quickly, ban the user and delete all messages. Howver sometimes it might happen, that the system has already sent you a notification of the message sent and therefore, you will get the notification but will not find any messages.

Reason 2

The user has deleted her account herself and all data and messages have been deleted automatically.

General Information:

My Inbox

All messages in your message center that you have already read will be deleted after 5 days automatically. So if you are on vacation for two weeks and have no access to your messages on SHOE, they will remain in your inbox. Howeve, once you have read them, they will get deleted unless you have a Membership Upgrade - in that case all messages - read and unread - will remain in your inbox for as long as you have the upgrade.

My Outbox

All messages in your outbox will be deleted after 5 days no matter what your upgrade status is.

Last modified: Jul 09 13

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