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It really doesn't matter whether you have your own house with large garden or only a small balcony or a tiny window ledge... Urban Gardening is all about being creative and growing your vegetables in small spaces using fun materials.

We write about our personal experiences in our BLOGS and/or BUBBLES. We just want to have fun and enjoy this community challenge. :-D

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Urbangarden Team
Ich habe einen kleinen Garten und pflanze auch einige Sachen auf ... [more]dem Balkon. [less]
Ich bin seit 1,5 Jahren Veganerin und das wäre mal eine tolle ne ... [more]ue Herausforderung um dann auch meine Küche aufzupeppen! [less]
mit Tomatenpflanzen auf der Fensterbank im 2.Stock, hat alles ang ... [more]efangen... [less]
Gerne würde ich mich, meinen Balkon und meinen schwarzen Daumen ... [more]zu eurer Garten-Challenge anmelden! [less]
Ich freu mich sehr auf die Zeit! Mal etwas anderes als immer nur ... [more]Chillies anzupflanzen, Sachen, die den Magen füllen und nicht nur leeren, wird sicher eine tolle Herausforderung *lol* [less]
aabbcc on May 26 14, 19:55
Free today on American and Canadian Amazon: How To Grow Potatoes. I thought my fellow urban gardeners might be interested! #urbangarden

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aabbcc on Mar 10 14, 21:04
<--- is taking part in the Shoe Urban Garden Challenge ... when the snow melts! #urbangarden

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our urban garden
its done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More

Habe ja vor einiger Zeit Radieschen in einer Plastikkiste und gleichzeitig im Beet gesät. So sieht das Resultat aus: Plastikkiste: (rechts: Asiasalat und Feld [...] More

Hallihallo :-D Nach ein paar Bubbles in den letzten paar Tagen ist es mal wieder Zeit für einen ordentlichen Blogeintrag. Unser Balkon sieht langsam schon richtig gut aus: Der Rosmarin treibt fleissig, in kleinen Töpfchen wachsen zwei Paprika- und ein [...] More

Update Urban Garden Challenge
Finally an update about my urban garden. Last month i spend some time reading about urban gardening, found seeds in a shop and yesterday when the weather was great i put my first steps in the world of growing vegetables. Here are some pictures: uhm, wel [...] More

Habe heute alle gekeimten Tomaten gepflanzt, die Chilis lassen auf sich warten -.- gaaaaaanz viele Micro Toms :-D Möhren, Jaltomaten und Wonderberries sind gesät, für [...] More

#urbangarden - Es gibt Neuigkeiten
Neuer Garten, Aufzuchtstation, ich war shoppen :) More

Bohnen, Chili und Clivie
Habe heute alte Balkonkästen durch neue ersetzt und gleich die Erde ausgewechselt. Jemand hat mir eine nette Überraschung hinterlassen: Die Bohnen sind auch schon soweit, [...] More

Die Kresse verbreitet ihren Duft in der ganzen Wohnung. Der Schnittlauch hat sich mit seinem neuen Platz noch nicht angefreundet. Heute gehts noch zum Bio-Bauern :-) More

#urbangarden - Was geht 2014?
Was soll 2014 in unseren Brutstätten gedeien und geerntet werden? More

Wer kommt mit zum Balkongärtnern für Einsteiger - Kurs ?
Liebe Shoes, Beim Stöbern auf der Pro Specia Rara Webseite habe ich einen spannenden Kurs entdeckt: Balkongärtnern für Einsteiger. Der Kurs findet am 5.4.2014 von 9:30 - 12:00 in Binningen statt und wird von Bioterra Basel durchgeführt. Unter folgendem L [...] More

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Urbangarden Team
Let's take back our food!
in our town we have a place on facebook called buy, sell or trade ... [more], it is for anyone looking to buy , sell or give away or ask for things. I put a post in asking for any old broken bookshelves, or dressers. we were able to get a broken bookshelves, a broken dresser and 6 drawers. we found 4 old flower planters and bought 5 buckets (from the local junk store). this morning I stood on the back porch drinking coffee, and altho the thermometer said it was only 14C (57F) it felt so much hotter as we have a massive amount of sunlight (from about 3.30am- about 11pm right now) the sun really heats up... add that to the fact that I actually had a day off... all these factors together made a perfect day for the birth of our garden... an urban garden we laid down the dresser on its back, and the bookshelf beside it, made 3 rows of 2 drawers per row, put the 2 larger flower planters to the side, and the 2 small ones in the front. we hauled and spread 450lbs (about 200 kg) of top soil, 225lbs (100 kg) each of sheep shit and peat moss, mixed it all together, added bone meal and filled the re-purposed furniture. (oh I should mention that we also hauled about 1000lbs of sand to fill the holes and low spots in the yard. in the bookcase we planted yellow onions and green onions and fresh chives in the dresser we planted Yukon gold potatoes 1 dresser drawer we planted spinach, 1dresser drawer we planted lettuce 1 dresser drawer we planted beets 1 dresser drawer we planted hot banana peppers 1 drawer we planted, lemon basil, lime basil and sweet basil 1 drawer we planted more onions 1 planter we planted zucchini, 1 planter we planted a flat white scallop squash 1 sm planter we planted spearmint 1 small planter we planted garlic chives and herb chives we started 12 tomato plants (from seeds) currently in the house, but will be planted in the buckets when the temps go up a little more we dug 3 holes and made mounds 1 hole has sugar pumpkins planted, 1 has buttercup squash, and 1 has spaghetti squash. we spread ALL the sand over the low spots and holes in the yard, and built the dogs a lean to, to provide some shade (made from 2x4 and 4x4s that we scavenged... we both ache in places we didn't know we had, are sunburnt, but we did it... in this remote part of northern Canada, in the land of the midnight sun, we are growing a truly urban garden... sore as we are, (even the shower hurt) it looks awesome, and we are happy. tomorrow when we are able to move again I will take and post some pics... tonight, we sit and rest...(mainly cuz we are too sore to do anything else) [less]
I am really excited about joining this challenge. I am already in ... [more] the process of creating a garden out of recycled material and using organic seeds. [less]
Growing my own vegetables is something i always wanted to do, but ... [more] never got to it. Being green, working on the environment and get a better health in the proces, will be a challenge, but certainly one that i want to enter. [less]

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