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Local Talk (General Topics)

Here's where SHOEs in your area meet for a local or nationwide chat... you may also do it globally ;-)


    strMailinglistMessage2Traveling in Argentina - viajando por Argentina
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: Emmi1985 on Feb 19 16, 02:36

    Hi there!

    I am traveling though Argentina for months and I was wondering if you had any tipp or adresses of lesbian friendly place to stay, organisations or place to party! If you know any lesbian couchsurfer or lace to do woofing it would be awesome! I am very much looking forward to make new friends in this beautiful country! Please write to me. See you very soon!


    Estoy viajando por Argentina y busco a lugares, organizaciones, eventos o fiestas para lesbianas. También si conocen a lesbianas que proponen cousurfing ( acomodación) o woofing ( acomodación y comida en cambio de trabajo) me sería muy útil. Espero encontrar muchas maravillosas personas en este país su estoy descubriendo. Escribe me para darme informaciones de este tipo por favor. En la esperada noticias suyas.

    strMailinglistMessage0looking for friends
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: on Nov 09 03, 15:59

    Hello girls in Bolivia Friends are a Joy The warmest thoughts We ever send Are those that go From friend to friend.The happiest wishes We ever make Are the wishes made For friendship's sake. The loveliest memories That we know were made With good friends
    Long ago. The brightest tomorrows Yet to be,We'll find in Friendship's company.

    I am Autrian flying to Brazil ARgenina(Buenes Ares) on the 12.11.2003. I am looking for good friends to share my time in your beautiful country. Feel free to mail me.

    Latin Kiss Sabina!!!!

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