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Local Talk (General Topics)

Here's where SHOEs in your area meet for a local or nationwide chat... you may also do it globally ;-)


    strMailinglistMessage2Women's empowerment camp
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: Sevenvillage on Sep 14 18, 17:42

    As all of us can testify that discrimination against women is a huge problem in our society. Everyone knows something must be done to change this, and movements like the recent me-too movement are doing wonderful things towards helping to balanced this very unhealthy Society we live in. Because of groups like this people are becoming more and more aware of how powerful we can become when we join together. I have recently purchased a large area of undeveloped land. My dream for this land is to provide a safe place for women to come together. This will be a place where we can find support, build lifelong friendships and ultimately empower us to be a force in changing this very unbalanced Society which has been based on Ancient ideas from when women were considered property. I am currently looking for smart and strong women to participate in putting together this program and helping to make this place a reality. I would like any feedback, ideas, or women who would like to become part of a team to develop this. Please contact me I would love to speak with you. 
    strMailinglistMessage2Looking . . .
    ID, US
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: Leis02 on Jun 19 18, 04:06

    I'm a mature lesbian looking for same for a lasting relationship in life, companionship, adventure, travel snuggling under the stars, and just generally enjoying life.

    I love an easy night of seafood and wine or brats and beer. I hope you're out there! 
    strMailinglistMessage2Hello from Tennessee
    TN, US
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: Teaspoon on Jan 10 18, 06:09

    hi! Older lesbian here looking for chat friends or Real life friends who prefer the company of older wiser lesbians. Happily married here looking for friends who like to camp,fish,play card games,good food, and Laughter.
    Drop me a message. Thanks
    strMailinglistMessage0Calling all Angels
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: AngelsAmoungUs on Feb 25 17, 21:37

    We need an Angel to shine a light into our darkness.

    Above is a link that you can click on copy and paste. It would mean the world to us if you could please take the time to read.

    We have been discriminated against and turned away; from hospitals and churches in our time of need. All because of who I love.

    Below is just a small glimpse of what myself and my wife have had to endure

    This has been a difficult journey and it continues to be. To watch my wife suffer with no end in sight. To see the pain, sadness and worry in my her eyes. Breaks my heart and has shaken me to the core. We have been so drained physically, mentally and spiritually.

    We feel as if the weight of the world on our shoulders! And just the thought that I can't take the pain away sometimes is almost more than I could bear. All can do is get down on my knees and pray. God, please be with us in our time of need.

    The hardest part of it all is just to know what's coming and not being able to fix it or provide for my family. I've done everything in my power to try to alleviate any stress put upon my love.
    I see this beautiful soul's life hanging in the balance. I feel so helpless. How much more can somebody endure? How can you tell someone; we are days/ weeks away from losing our home? I don't know what else to do!. I'll I can do is pray and have faith that things will work out.

    strMailinglistMessage0Looking to meet/date Lesbians or Bi women in Los Angeles area
    CA, US
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: noguysorcouples on Feb 14 17, 15:25

    New to this site/community. Looking to meet new friends, date, etc. Please do not contact me if you are a guy posing as a girl or a couple. Im not into that or playing games.  
    strMailinglistMessage2Is this place just....
    MD, US
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: ladydragonrose on Dec 06 16, 14:21

    Is this site like every other site and just for the younger generation? Where are all the other 35+yr old lesbians at? I'm 48 and it's hard enough to meet new people much less available lesbians. 
    strMailinglistMessage0My film The Royal Road coming to DVD & VOD Sept 6
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: JenniOlsonSF on Jul 21 16, 04:45

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my film The Royal Road is coming to DVD in North America and to VOD worldwide on September 6th. More info below and please click the link to pre-order the DVD and see the trailer.

    "A humorous exploration of butch romantic desires." - Berenice Reynaud, Senses of Cinema
    JURY AWARD: Best LGBTQ Film — Ann Arbor Film Festival

    A cinematic essay in defense of remembering, The Royal Road offers up a primer on Junipero Serra's Spanish colonization of California and the Mexican American War alongside intimate reflections on nostalgia, the pursuit of unavailable women, butch identity and Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo — all against a contemplative backdrop of 16mm urban California landscapes, and featuring a voiceover cameo by Tony Kushner.

    Please help me spread the word if you can. Thanks all! 
    strMailinglistMessage0Looking or a few laughs
    TX, US
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: Tvette on Jun 30 16, 10:30

    Im looking for a few friends just to enjoy the evenings with. Love to meet you

    strMailinglistMessage2sinle white bi=sexual woman looking 4 love
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: cathy34 on Jun 04 16, 20:59

    Im a 34 yr old single mom of 2 boys. Im so ready to find a good woman to love me and my boys. Country girl from Ky Im 5'8 and 140lbs. with dark brown hair and eyes. 
    strMailinglistMessage0finding true love
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: NYCkiss on Apr 17 16, 18:43

    If you are truely lucky, you might find in your lifetime, that one true love. I have found her and want her to know just how very special she is to my heart. I wil not mention specific names here at this time, simply because I do not want to hinder her in any way. But...she knows who she is. And believe me, Pittsburgh PA holds a very special place in my heart. Across the world, for the most part, the first letter of any alphabet starts with the letter "A"

    I love you baby and always will. 
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