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Here's where SHOEs in your area meet for a local or nationwide chat... you may also do it globally ;-)


    strMailinglistMessage0Can I be honest --This New Year
    Category: Local Talk (General Topics) | Language: E
    From: jocandy on Jan 02 05, 08:07

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing well.
    Can I be honest to say, it's hard just being alone.

    New Years Eve I went to Watch Night Service at my church, Unity Fellowship Charlotte. I praised God for all that I have seen and what I have not seen. There were some mishaps in 2004, I praise God for seeing me through it all. Praise God for all the good, there was plenty of that also.

    Now, you wonder what is it I want to be honest about. I have to be patient waiting on God for that true woman in my life. I am willing to wait but being here in North Carolina, I feel lonely. I have not been able to make friends due to several reasons. First, I have been traveling for work so I attempted to use other outlets such as the "internet". I know we can use the old fashion method of "fact to face" meeting but here in the south where does one go? In 2004, I wrote several posting trying to meet new associates but those requests went unanswered. The very few who responded well, their focus was mostly on "sex", "drugs" and identify search. Please don't get me wrong but I wonder, where are the sane lesbians?

    I am okay not having meet, my partner yet caused in God's time I will. To be honest, I wonder what's the Lord's plan? How will I meet her? See I no longer think of when..caused you cannot rush God's plan but I wonder how. I don’t' go out too much besides work. I just wanted to meet some folks so I can occasionally have a "person" to speak with, go to a movie or just take a walk.

    Yes, there are people in my church but ..........

    Let me be honest to you..if I may, since there is no one for me to share my inner pain with. I moved here from New York. I am grateful for the friend I have in New York. There are people who really have no one but I have one.

    To be honest, I scroll my cell phone book and realized that it consisted of colleagues and clients. Has my life become business only?

    I respect my younger generation but my preference is to meet women near my age category. I would like to talk with someone who can relate to my joys of being a mom whose son is completing his final year in college.

    Can I be honest, I am alone. Can I be honest, walking with the Lord is not easy. People tend to mistake wanting to be Christ like means I should be Christ. I am not perfect and God knows of the mistakes I will make but why is it hard to meet women who are "sane". Please I don’t mean to offend anyone.

    Yes, to be honest I want a partner but a friend would be good. Why is this community geared into conversation of sex only? Why is this community being viewed as "lonely housewives" trying to get their grove on..(Hey, more power to you..but that's not my path)?

    I no longer want to view ads online caused so often than not, the person on the other side of the computer is a person hiding.

    Can I be honest, it’s just plain hard but this too shall pass. I am sorry for taking up your time caused as I hit “shoe it” I will be fine.
    Praise the lord for being honest with myself. Praise God for release! Praise God for having the opportunity to share regardless I know who you are!! May God continue to bless all of us. There are those who went on vacation whose time was ended as it was deemed. May we continue to celebrate those who have walked into their homecoming but may we pray for those who are suffering the lost of their human relationship with their love ones.

    May I be honest, I cannot start to understand why, but it has been written.

    Can I be honest, we are bless.
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