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Lesbian Dating

Lesbian personals for single lesbians looking for love and romance. Create your own free Personal Ad and start dating. In your area, region, local. Click on "Submit new Post" on your left.

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    strMailinglistMessage2Looking for love
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: martida on Aug 19 17, 19:01 (edited: Aug 19 17, 19:05)

    Have a lot of Hobbies, quickly turns into something, that's the last time dream to learn to dance some fiery tango or flamenco, the city is not developed.Learning languages, interested in culture of other countries, love the retro music(especially Italian and French), I try to read a lot and sometimes it works(not the art literature because I think it is meaningless for life).I like if I can help a homeless animal, cure and attach the hands. (dog, bird).Ambitious, but there are depressing, especially if I cannot to do anything to implement.
    Dream to leave my city, the farther the better))Maybe will move to other city or country.
    Also, sometimes I do horse riding, and have a musical education.
    My dream is to find a companion, love, friend, my level, similar to me interests.The same easily-up new perspectives, easy-going, slightly insane plan to go for a walk at night or to go to other city.
    Ideally older than myself for not yet met peers who would be so interested..But if you're sure that the above description is about you, and you are interested to know me better - write.
    Also, I'm very feminine and looking for outwardly feminine woman 
    strMailinglistMessage2Would like some friends..........and more.......
    TX, US
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: Aedon on Jul 30 17, 03:38

    Living in Dallas and enjoying life here very much! I am a femme lesbian and I like sporty kinda women!! I work out, swim and love to ride my bike. I enjoy sci-fi (HUGE fan),trying new things and meeting folk from all over. I am well-traveled and have lived overseas a variety of times. I'm not snobby so I don't care if you've traveled or not but hope you'll be adventurous enough to try because I am a BOLD BITCH!!! Looking to gather a social circle around me here in Dallas and wherever you may be from....Namaste ladies!!! 
    strMailinglistMessage0Looking for a relationship with a feminine woman
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: MrsLadyFemme on Jul 12 17, 15:40

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a great friendship that can grow into a relationship.

    I like reading books, sitting in a lovely café and observing well as most outdoor activities...for example hiking, camping, bike riding.

    So I am looking for a girlfriend from all over the world who is feminine (this is really important to me) and who is interested in a real relationship based on trust and love.  
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: ToastnCoffee on May 29 17, 10:36

    I 'd help an old lady to the bus and save a mouse from drowning. I think that's the shortest way of describing who I am and also what I'm looking for in others. Just kind and selfless people.
    I can sometimes seem grumpy with my big tattoos but this is not nearly the whole picture. :) I'm more sensitive than I look and would very much like to talk to people of like mind. Cheers! 
    strMailinglistMessage0Hi ..would like meet a good partner
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: Wini08 on May 28 17, 04:16

    Hi I am simple open minded funny woman 39 yrs old

    I love sports , nature animals ...have lot to say  
    strMailinglistMessage2Artist seeks non judgemental critic
    NY, US
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: Plaidstripe on Apr 17 17, 01:17

    62 year young ceramic artist seeking non judgemental critic to share common interests and passions.
    Must be mature, open minded, spontaneous, able to access her inner child's humour and have the ability to discuss and debate art as it imitates life.
    Sensuality and knowledge of art history a plus.
    Enjoys foreign travel and watching Mel Brooks movies.
    Non smoker no drugs or alcohol please.

    strMailinglistMessage0Looking for that deep connection
    TX, US
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: LeoGar83 on Mar 15 17, 03:59

    I am an introvert, yet very social. My life is getting better by the minute and I feel like it's actually on the right track. Unfortunately though, there is something missing, its more like a connection I'm missing with someone special. I'm looking to get to know someone on a deeper level, friends first and then see where it might lead us. I'm tired of laying awake at night and having that aching in my heart and that yearning feeling to find what I know is out there looking for me too. I'm hoping to find someone nearby, but I know that's a long shot. If it came down to it I would actually be willing to relocate or have the person relocate to me. If you're looking for new friends too, or to see what kind of chemistry we might have together, then please leave me a message. Thanks!!  
    strMailinglistMessage2Looking for love
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: soumiprincess on Mar 12 17, 15:58

    I am Soumi, 25, from Kolkata, India. I am a creative writer and a student of psychology. Here's a poem for those who will understand because I express myself best with poems. And if you want to get to know me, you know how to reach me!

    Attraction, if not mutual.
    Playful, if not flirtatious.
    Friend, if not muse.
    Hopeful, if not sure.
    Inspiration, if not flame.
    Close, not together.
    Waiting to be kissed... 
    strMailinglistMessage0Looking for a girl to talk with
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: Remonstrative on Mar 11 17, 19:13

    16 about to be 17 this month. Guess id describe myself somewhat geeky with an enjoyable personality to be around. Huge fan of camping, binging Netflix, traveling, video games, camping, dirt biking, and much more. I was born in Germany but I moved to America when I was still very young and forgot German. Now I live in Germany again and am relearning the language so i'm sorry if its not the best. I'm looking for people to talk to and hang out with. 
    strMailinglistMessage2Good Woman WANTED! ;-)
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: aabl1 on Feb 19 17, 01:00

    I'd like to meet honest, loyal, and maybe romantic woman to spend my life with;)
    I'm rather realistic taking life seriously, but with a good sense kf humour as well and with many interrests.

    Your age and where you come from doesn't really matter... I don't mind relocating if I'll find true love, that's not a problem. And age... It doesn't matter if you are independent or if my age doesn't disturb you. -I'm 25.

    I look like a woman and I'm looking for a woman too, and not a bi, cause I really hate men, I would never be able to stand your relationships with them or if any of them would ever interrest you

    Have a nice day!  
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