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Lesbian Dating

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    strMailinglistMessage0still looking
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: mj1008 on Mar 01 15, 16:27

    Im looking for a friend. Lover. Or someone that wants to have a chitchat. I like adventures. I also like travelling. Im a 19yrs old femme. Feel free to have a chat with me.  
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: eiramla on May 27 14, 16:08

    I could be whatever you want 
    strMailinglistMessage2Oh the cOmplicated tHings :)
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: kame-chan on Apr 01 14, 01:01

    so, here I am typing words to entice you to be friends with me, of course in any relationship getting to know each other is always the first step. Now, why did I post this in the dating category? Simple enough, I'm not really sure of whether I only want friendship, because the word "WHAT IF" always comes to mind.

    -What if I like you more than the word like
    -What if you're the one
    -What if you're the person who will drag me out of my depressing yet not really a tragic life (just sad and alone sometimes)

    So here you go, I would be lying if I say I don't really care if someone replies or not, because I do... I'm in a sort of pinch here. To be honest, I used to love this girl but she's damn Straight. And she was the reason I even discovered this other self of mine. Anyways, that feeling of loving someone was really good but with a huge expense (Unrequited love or One-sided love equals "IT SUCKS!"). I just think that I need to feel that love again (even just a tiny weeny bit). Though I'm not telling you to be serious or anything, let's just have fun. :)

    And for those who choose books by looking at the cover first before actually reading them "sorry" I'm no sexy, pretty ass, Goddess of beauty... not even ordinary... just way way before ugly or cute. Cute because I'm chubby. haha

    Okay! That's it. Goodluck to me and Goodluck to you and God bless us. Have a happy day people!

    P.S. I wonder if someone out there is just like me ^_^

    strMailinglistMessage2I'm going to try this just once...
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: ChrisO17 on Mar 18 14, 14:02

    Hi Guys,

    So I'm looking for new friends and I guess maybe the possibility of something more. Who knows? Life is way too short to not put yourself out there for the chance at something real, right? Hit me up, let's talk. :)

    Are you a guy? Nope, I just look like one. Seriously, all female parts are intact.
    Age: I'm 22
    Where do you live: Manila.

    I figured I'd get that part of the small talk over with. LOL :)
    MI, PH
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: maine on Feb 02 14, 07:52

    hi im maine 21 yrs old communication arts student ... can u be my friend 
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: LesbyMady on Jan 13 14, 13:52

    i'm mady, 21 from philippines. :)
    -civil engineer soon.
    -2nd dan black belter taekwondo
    -super sporty
    -anime lover
    -music lover
    -love to sing
    -love to play guitar
    -love to draw
    -interested in fem to fem relationship 
    strMailinglistMessage2Trying again
    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: skitzo on Dec 27 13, 19:33 (edited: Dec 27 13, 19:39)

    Hhmm.. I decided to try this again..

    I wish to have that person in my life to have coffee with anytime i wanted.. That person that i can just sit beside and just be there just sitting and even no words were expressed you are happy just by doing that.. Somebody that you can look into the eyes and feel how much she loves you.. Somebody whom you can confide your problems with and she will just listen as i rant... And somebody who will hug you so tight to make you feel you are not alone..

    I just wish that person is still there.. I still hope i can still find that person who can make me fall in love with her everyday of our lives together.. I wish to find that forever...

    Category: Lesbian Dating | Language: E
    From: bifemme21 on Jan 05 13, 07:09

    Im new here and i'd like to have more friends! add me! =) 
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