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Looking for new Lesbian Friends? Meet other like-minded lesbians for friendship, sports and the outdoors.

Note: Only english messages are shown here. There are 63 messages in german in this category.

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    strMailinglistMessage0Late 40`s feminine, curvy Asian hoping to meet a likeminded soul
    VD, CH
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Poppilicious117 on May 14 21, 15:46

    Hi there, Im looking to hook up with a older feminine, attractive older lady who is bisexual or bi curious who wants to have some intimate times. I`m based in Morges, and seek someone who speaks some English- not looking for anything serious- just a casual friendship on a mutual basis.  
    strMailinglistMessage2Suche Kontakt mit Ladies in India, Myanmar und Vietnam
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Viktoria on Oct 22 16, 17:22

    Hello Ladies
    End of November I will go to India, Kerala, Cochin for one month, later I will go to Myanmar for one month and then I will go to Vietnam for one month.
    I would like to meet nice ladies.
    Pls. contact me. 
    strMailinglistMessage2Looking for inspiring conversations
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Emmi1985 on Aug 05 15, 22:46

    Hi there!

    New on Shoe... I'd love to meet interesting people to exchange with!

    Most of my friends are hetero and... Well it is known that somehow lesbians are overall way smarter and funnier than other people so that is why I am here!

    Despite my bad sense of humor, I'd love to meet some people with whom I could discuss topics I am not used to discuss. People who are genuine and not afraid to think out of the box!

    I am up to converse about anything!

    Tree random information about me: 1. Gender equality and human rights is my passion in life. 2. I could dissect for hours episodes of stupid american series (watching those is the activity where I spend way too much of my time). 3. I could never spend too much time traveling.

    As I am trying to practice my Spanish and German skills I would love to try to discuss in those languages as well!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    strMailinglistMessage2Up for an adventure
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Hattrick74 on Jul 08 14, 00:07


    My name is Alicia. I am 29 years old and work in accounting. I enjoy coffee and random adventures. I can be found hiking, bobsledding, playing rugby or hockey. Looks for something new.

    Tell me about yourself? 
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