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Looking for new Lesbian Friends? Meet other like-minded lesbians for friendship, sports and the outdoors.

Note: Only english messages are shown here. There are 4 messages in german in this category.

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    strMailinglistMessage2Ars Magica
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Purplestar on Dec 21 17, 18:30

    Does anyone here know the RPG Ars Magica and would like to play it with me on a written, one to one basis ? I’m looking for someone who already knows the game. I don’t want to spend hours explaining the rules :-) I have the core book in French, English, German and Russian, so I can play in one of those languages, although for Russian, it would probably be orally, because I have poor writing skills. I prefer to play with the third edition of the game. I could be the story teller, but if you want to do it, that would be lovely. I can send you the core book (and some others) in their electronic version, except for German (I have it on paper only). I’m not against other RPGs, but I’m really fond of Ars Magica.  
    strMailinglistMessage2Media nut seeks freinds
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: leona17 on Aug 16 17, 20:16

    Just about to start UNI in Jan, at Plymouth. Still in the closet but hoping to meet other fem's, hopfully in my area, im 17 so dont drive, unless you count driving people up the wall.

    I will be taking three foundation level courses, non clinical psycology, computer science and full media.

    So i shoot people a lot, with my Nikon or Panasonic.

    have a nice day. leona 
    NLD, GB
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Chillyb72 on Mar 19 17, 19:56

    Hi, looking for friendship, enjoy beach walks, gardening, cinema, meeting up for coffee, drinks. Am 44, single and work shifts as a support worker. Would love to chat, about anything and everything. I do smoke and drink. Am shy at first but have been described as fun, bit nutty lol. Loves are total honesty, hates are any kind of "ism". Won't tolerate racist or prejudice on age sex disability ect. We are all equal, even the Queen poops. 
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: visionOfLove on Jan 30 17, 09:51

    Greetings from the east coast of Kenya. .. anyone interested in having a friend in these parts of the world?

    I'm an artist...trying to get back into the groove of drawing.. my preferred subject being portraits. I love drawing on practicing the anatomy of the face. .which includes the skull...and learning how to shade the face to make it look realistic. My favourite mediums are pencil and charcoal..

    Oops...maybe too much arty talk..hahaha...anyway..don't worry..I won't bore you with lots of drawing lingo.. apart from art..I love cooking...trying out new recipes. .learning new well as eating :.. I have 3 dogs...I'm passionate about animals..enjoy travelling and hanging out at the beach with friends.

    So...if I've intrigued you enough...please drop me a line or two.. I don't mind which part of the world you're from...Ciao Ciao.. Kwaheri (bye) 
    strMailinglistMessage2What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: 2together on Jan 28 17, 17:20 (edited: Jun 06 22, 16:50)

    We are in a totally loving civil partnership for more than 30 yrs
    and are looking for friends on the same wavelength
    for exchange ideas and thoughts with other like minded women.
    We pretty much like the simple things in life but also appreciate the finer things in life.
    Looking for interesting, articulate, fun-loving and genuine new friends who are honest, loyal, use open communication, show respect, are reflective & introspective; have good sense of humour;
    We enjoy many pursuits, gardening, outdoor adventures, sea, sun and sand,
    warm fires and country living.
    Music is a must for us and we enjoy travel to near and far.
    Never happier than enjoying the great outdoor
    relaxing with a BBQ

    Correspondence language: German and English
    strMailinglistMessage2currently recruiting new friends
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: curiouscat on Nov 05 16, 18:06

    i am missing some gay in my life as of late as all my friends are leaving me with a need to find some interesting new folk to talk to who haven't lost their interest in life. would love to find new friends for chats about music, tcv series, fanfiction, comics and life in general. anyone willing to save me from this growing bubble if insanity and feed my curiosity. i miss some wierdos and freaks in my life. i am german, 48 (though no idea how that happened) and looking contacts around the world. please come and drop me a line. 
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Cjenny on Jul 08 16, 17:05

    Hey, I'm 32 year old , from Belgium. Hoping to find new friends from all over the world. About me.. I like watching movies and listen to music. I love getting lost while reading a good book.I am serious at first, but when I get to know someone better I become more comfortable and open.I consider myself to be a humorous and outgoing person who enjoys a good conversation. I'm someone who lives life to its fullest. 
    strMailinglistMessage2Looking for friends
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: LadyHunter on Jun 23 16, 13:53


    my name is Elena, I am 34 years old. I live in Minsk, Belarus, but I am looking for lesbian friends all over the world.

    I like drawing and painting, enjoy music, theater, hiking, cycling, travelling.

    If you'd like to be my friend, don't hesitate to write me. :) 
    strMailinglistMessage2Looking for new friends.
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: KayJ on May 19 16, 14:41

    Hi I'm Karen but my friends call me KJ. I'm 30 years old and live in sunny Florida, well most of the time its sunny. Being new to the site I am hoping this is a good way to make some new friends, have some fun and enjoy the company of other ladies. I love the outdoors, especially the beach, love cooking and eating too. I'm fun loving and enjoy being with my friends, sharing good times. Thats just a little bit about me. Hope yo hear from you soon..... 
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: msesvioleta on Apr 14 16, 13:27

    I'm fairly new here and I'm looking for nice women who want to help me to improve my English. I'm from Germany and would like to help you to learn German in return, if you want to. Aside it would be very nice to get to know some new people all over the world and perhaps to find new good friends.

    Some facts about me: I'm 30 years old and I live in a relationship with a beautiful woman for over one year. I recently finished university and I'm looking for new adventures now. I love hiking, reading, nature, music, good an deep conversations, writing and especially my cute dog Amy (you can see her on the photo). There are so much more things you can get to know about me and I hope to become acquainted with your special nature (not sure if this phrase is right ;) )

    So, don't be shy and contact me. I'm looking forward to your message :) 
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