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Looking for new Lesbian Friends? Meet other like-minded lesbians for friendship, sports and the outdoors.


    strMailinglistMessage2Introverts make great friends!
    WA, US
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: KinkyArtsyNerd on Apr 01 17, 20:08

    I just moved up to the North Seattle area to help take care of my mom and grew up in the Northwest though not in the Seattle area. I am an introvert and avoid the bar scene and cigarette smoke for my health. I like to dance if there is a smoke free place to do so. I am not sure where to make new lesbian friends. I go to the gym and actively ignore everyone there with my music an headphones on so I don't have to deal with dudes staring at me.

    I am fairly butch looking but I hate watching sports and I can't stand football culture. I do like to be active with walking, roller skating, dancing, maybe biking but I need time afterwards to rest and do something more restful. Large crowds use up my energy quickly and I have to plan out how much time I can spend in those type of places.

    I like reciprocity, connection, mindfulness. I think it is important to give people room to grow and be who they are. I think it doesn't matter where on the butch/femme or gender spectrum you appear to be. What matters is who you are the way you show yourself to others, the way you respect yourself and the value you give to what is important to you. Self possession is a great thing.

    I am usually hanging around the art and cookbooks at local bookstores and libraries. I go for walks around town to find a place near the water to do some sketching or write some poetry. I am learning lefty guitar at home and I am self taught in a lot of the creative things I do. I learned how to cook and sew from my grandmother and I learned how to make much of what I do my own.

    I like board games, word games, tabletop gaming. I like video games that are fantasy based with problem solving and character development. I don't play first person shooters.

    Send me a message if you want to chat or hang out! 
    strMailinglistMessage2Alone In This World Dreaming Of Her....
    WA, US
    Category: Friendship | Language: E
    From: Freenix101 on Nov 27 13, 10:40 (edited: Feb 08 21, 06:29)

    *UPDATE 2021: A lot has changed in the last 6 years; I transitioned from FTM and thus became inactive on Shoe, and now identify as Non-Binary, so I recently (as of Feb 2021) decided to begin using this site again since my gender identity is no longer specifically male and is non-binary.

    Hello there, I'm dogrl101.

    I am a confused, young, compassionate individual that has been beat up and hardened by life. I am looking for...well...anyone, really. Friends, mostly. People I can help, people that can help me; I am open to a serious relationship, too, although not exactly 'looking'.

    I suppose you could say i enjoy thinking and discussing philosophy?? And, I am hella talented in all kinds of crazy, weird and randomly amazing ways.

    I can do your hair. (it looks like a professional did it!) Cut, dyed, highlights, trims, layers...I can do it.

    I can do your nails. (not just any manicure...I know about hand massage and pressure points that relieve stress through the hands, too...)

    I can edit photos.

    I can make websites. (they look legit!)
    I can sing. (4 octave range.)

    I write songs. (love songs...??)

    I write short stories and poetry.

    I can also read your mind! (I am psychically gifted....I know you don't believe me, but I can prove it. Just ask anyone in chat, or ask me in a message about some event in your life... I can read it from your mind.)

    I am Pagan.

    I am feel confused, lost, scared, a bit isolated, to be honest. I think I am transgender, I think I am a man.

    I'd say I am very butch, but that isn't exactly the case, as I shudder at the thought of living like this, in this body, forever. I long to be male, and now have decided to change my name soon. However, I am still figuring out exactly who and what I am.

    I am very attracted to femme girly ladies, :3 But right now I just wanna make some friends...??

    ^^ *said the person who is forever alone -_-

    I have PTSD, and require a service dog for it.

    More? OK.

    My dad used to beat me, I hate my family, I have crazy awesome luck dispite that and used to self harm? I was nearly raped a few times and experience some form of sexual abuse at least once a year.

    I am 5'6, blue eyes, short brown hair (its guy hair obviously,) light pale skin, average build? I have my left cartilage pierced, my belly button pierced, and my ears. I am very muscular, thanks to T!! :D

    I also know how to belly dance. O.e

    Hey, all I am looking for is some nice, caring, compassionate and open minded friends. I belive that age is just a number, and that people are people, no matter what shape/form/gender. If your looking for some deep, meaningful conversations with someone who is a 'blank slate', or ever need to vent, or even just want a friend... Drop me a line. :) Chances are, I'll know your situation just as good, if not better than you do.

    Thank you, I hope we can become great friends!!! (i am single and open to possibilities... but not looking for opportunities. Theres no chance unless you take one.  
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