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Why are there Baby / Childrens Photos on SHOE?

Having Baby / Childrens Photos on SHOE is a very very very very old Tradition. Ever since SHOE first started, Users would only be allowed to upload photos of themselves from when they were kids. The reason behind it was simple: We wanted to prevent users being judged soley by looks.

At the end of 2005 however, we couldn't overhear the demands of our users to be allowed current photos any longer. Something had to change... and it did.

Here's an excerpt from our message we sent out on November 25, 2005.

Since it has always been important to us to create a place where
women will not be judged soley based on looks and age, we are aware
of the fact, that the SHOELace membership obviously contradicts our
vision of a judgmental free world. But the worldwide web has changed
immensely over the last few years. And so have the needs and demands
of todays female surfer. For years members have asked to upload
current photos, to have extended searches and see members age.

So, we have dediced to combine those demands with our need to cover
the costs and hence... say hello to the SHOELace Membership - adding
some fabulous new tools to your profile.

It is still traditional on SHOE to put up your baby photo - next to your current photo. Up to this day, the SHOE Baby of the month is being selected and proudly displayed in the SHOE Baby Photo of the Month Gallery ;-)

Link: SHOE Baby of the month

Last modified: Oct 16 09

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