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Why do you charge for certain features?

The SHOE community was one of the very - if not the first (!) - lesbian online communites when it was launched in 1997. It started full of enthusiasm and idealism and over the years grew to become one of the worlds largest lesbian social networking site.

As the number of members grew so did the costs. Our idealism and goals not only consisted of providing all lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered women a safe and happy place on the internet but also to keep it free of charge for everyone.

We have managed to maintain this for over 8 years out of our own pocket... In 2005 we were forced to think of new ideas to finance the site. So we have come up with the very funky SHOELace membership :-)

The Basic of SHOE is continues to be free of charge for everyone. If you decide to upgrade your membership (SHOELace) you can take advantage of additional fun features.

Last modified: Jul 17 09

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